Which paid apps have you trashed for better and why?


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I'm running the MotoDroid.

Trying free apps is easy as there is nothing to lose. But I hate paying for an app just to find another thats free "or paid" that works better.

Its true, that some apps will evolve and may be the best later, but until that day arrives, you now get to see in red "purchased" in your downloads list in the market place.

So far I have two I've had to trash as I've learned and evolved in my understanding of what I need verses whats available.

1. I bought "Group Contact Creator" and ditched it as I thought it made new groups and it actually does what it says "makes a new contact that has numbers to other contacts within that one contact".. therefore making a "group contact". You either send to all or none... cannot be edited and added to without basically remaking the whole contact.... anyway.. not what I was looking for.

2. BatteryWidget is the other one. Not only is it about 5 times bigger than "batterylife" but is often not even accurate as reported by Settings----> about phone----> status----> Battery level. I once had it saying 100% when in reality I was only 70%.
BatteryWidget is possibly bigger because there are several widget choices of how you want it to display.

But BatteryLife is accurate and gives you more information like Battery Temp, Millivoltage and type... as well as being big enough to see "however it takes up two shortcut spaces"... totally customizable colors... a better app, and for free!