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I want to switch from iOS to Android just so I can experience the other side of the fence, but I don't know which phone to start with. I've been leaning toward HTC One, Nexus 5, LG G2, and Moto X, but I'm not sure. What would you say is a good Android phone for a person who has never used one before?

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The Moto X is bent on consumer happiness and ease of access.

Going from the iPhone to Android can be a bit overwhelming, and the Moto X will probably give you the easiest transition into Android, because the phone was solely built to please the consumer, and give the consumer what they want, which is a phone that is really easy to get into.

It might not have the best specifications, but it has some really darn good features.


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Imo I'd eliminate moto x from the list (just my personal opinion, not fond of the smaller devices)

These 3 devices, I actually had to choose between yesterday when I upgraded from my Galaxy S3. Eventually got the LG G2.

I can't really say much other than if you want the best, choose either the nexus 5 or the g2.

Either way, out of those 3 devices, you can't go wrong with any of them. All excellent devices.

To put my 2 cents in about the g2, I love it so far and no complaints with it :)

Good luck and let us know which one you go with.


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Thanks for the replies all! Another important thing for me is a case. From what I've seen and heard there isn't really a good case for the Nexus 5, while all these other phones do have good cases. Thoughts on that?


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You can get cases on amazon but I have not heard anything about the cases for any of the devices that you have listed. Me personally on the devices I would go with the nexus 5 I have a galaxy nexus and absolutely love the pure Google experience. My best suggestion is go to your carriers store and play with all of them get a feel for the device and see which one better suits your needs


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^this. Whatever the specs, whatever the advice, go and handle the actual device before buying it. What suits you is the most important thing.