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Which Photography app do you use to edit photos?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Summermore, May 13, 2011.

  1. Summermore

    Thread Starter

    I have 3 photo editing apps on my Droid. But none of them can really satisfy me. The followings are my general views on them:
    1. Photo Shake: it used to be only available on iOS. But now it finally available on Android. It can easily combine one or more photos to make interesting images as on iPhone. However, its effect a little plain. Lack of my favorite LOMO effect. And sometimes when I try to combine more photos, it puts all my photos which supposed to be in portrait to be in landscape. This is kind of frustrating.

    2. Photo Grid: it is also for converting photos collect into collages, similar to Photo Shake. It has four group to choose: 2, 4, 6, 9. You can't edit single photo here. It has more templates than Photo Shake. However, it does't have any effect. And why does every time I press back button, you clear all my editions? I have to select photos again! :mad:

    3. roidizer: this is a Polaroid app, very simple & easy to add a Polaroid effect and a text. It has 6 cute font styles and 7 filters. I really like it though. It makes my photos cute. The only pity may be that you can't combine photos in this app. It can only edit single image.:(

    Can anyone tell me whether there is an app can combine their three priorities together?

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  2. rbasusparky

    rbasusparky Well-Known Member

    PicSay - Photo Editor/PicSay Pro Photo Editor! I have PicSay Pro and it's excellent!
  3. felix822

    felix822 Member

    I believe PhotoShop has one too.
  4. rlevine

    rlevine Member

    here's a summary of the photo apps i'm using

    vignette - great for lomo/toy/cross processed/polaroid type photos. very customizable. it also has a "random" feature. for instance, there is a list of different "toy camera" settings, and instead of choosing one you can set it to randomly choose for you. it's a fun little element that adds to the spontaneity a surprise of "lomo" photos.

    retro camera - not customizable, but offers a handful of cool modes including a few different vintage cameras and a polaroid. i don't like that it forces you to use a square format, but the end results are good.

    picsay pro - great for "post process" editing. easy to use with a bunch of nice features.

    camera - the stock camera app is what i use for "unprocessed" photos. no compaints about it.

    i've found that i use vignette most of all. the range of customizations has really limited my need for a "post process" app.

    i believe i have used far too many "air quotes" in this post.

  5. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Android Expert

    I use Photoshop for normal editing. I use Picsay Pro for more creative stuff. For capture I use the stock camera, Retro Camera, and Camera360.
  6. seangworld

    seangworld Newbie

    just transfer your pics to your computer and use fireworks.
  7. Summermore

    Thread Starter

    I'm gonna take a shot at vignette.
  8. Summermore

    Thread Starter

    I thought Android apps aim at helping us to do everything more conveniently on mobiles. So we don't need to go to pc for help.
  9. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Android Expert

    I know nothing about "fireworks" but there is something to be said about photo editing on a pc. There is no tablet or smartphone capable of doing serious photo editing. They just do not have the computing power. They are fine for editing photos off your built in camera, but not for transferring photos from your real camera and then expecting to do any serious editing or RAW processing.
  10. Summermore

    Thread Starter

    It's true. But they still satisfy us on some degree, right?:)
  11. skullshank

    skullshank Member

    as a photographer AND fan of mobile tech...sure i'd love to be able to do what lightroom3 can on my phone, but when im on the go...i simply cant. but if i want to upload to fb or flickr or something, there are a few apps that i seem to use the most for editing.

    1. vignette. i like the customizability of this, and the ease of being able quickly select a style like cross process.
    2. picsay pro. this is a good one also for the same reasons as above. this one also seems to have a longer list of effects, but some are just crappola.
    3. photoshop. for as much time as i spend in everyday, i seldom use it on my evo. but its the app i chose when i want to crop.
  12. Summermore

    Thread Starter

    It's true. But they still satisfy us on some degree, right?:)
  13. Summermore

    Thread Starter

    Already tired vignette. Effects are pretty cool.
  14. liquidmonkey

    liquidmonkey Well-Known Member

    is there a photo app that lets you re-size multiple photos at once?
    i know picsaypro lets u resize but is one at a time and that is super annoying :(

    ps, i really think people would pay if they could put all the cool photo apps into one app
  15. Summermore

    Thread Starter

    That's exactly what I mean!
  16. Teegunn

    Teegunn Android Expert

    Picsay pro is by far the best I have tried, and I've tried most of them.

    For capture I highly prefer Camera360. Love how much better my pics look with the HDR light capture setting. Worlds better than the stock camera capture IMHO.
  17. Clementine_3

    Clementine_3 Extreme Android User
    VIP Member

    Another vote for Picsay Pro. It's pretty straightforward and does a darn good job...for what it is.
  18. Two more decent ones are pho.to lab and littlephoto. I flit between them, photoshop and picsay pro with vignette and camera 360 taking over from the stock cam.
  19. Tumeg

    Tumeg Android Enthusiast

    I've tried: Vignette, Photoshop, and Picsay Pro.
    Photoshop was my favorite app back on my iPhone, and the only reason I used it on my Android - was because I didn't know\think there was anything else out there.
    Vignette just didn't seem to fit my needs. I like to take a picture, THEN edit it - not chose a filter or style while taking the picture... plus my Thunderbolt already has some of the same filters already built-in to the native camera app.

    Picsay Pro can do EVERYTHING that the photoshop app can, plus a little bit more.
    Needless to say, Picsay Pro is currently the only photo-editing app that I have on my phone. (I am also a professional photographer, for what it's worth)
  20. greyopaque

    greyopaque Newbie

    Flash effects is a great basic editor that doesn't degrade the hi-rez jpegs that my evo makes. Then, if i need to do more complicated effects, i use picsay.
  21. MT Stringer

    MT Stringer Lurker

    Is there an app that makes blurry, out of focus pics look great? Thousands of Facebook folks could certainly use it! :)
  22. Summermore

    Thread Starter

    So many of you guys recommend picsay. I'm gonna try it later. :D
  23. mc48

    mc48 Android Enthusiast

  24. Summermore

    Thread Starter

  25. seangworld

    seangworld Newbie

    your best photoediting isn't going to be done on a phone, sorry, at least not for awhile.

    photoshop is good too, tho i didnt like it after photoshop2....havent tried it since they upgraded after that cuz i went to fireworks.
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