Which Rejected Care Bear are youz? :-)



Look at this amazing quiz that not even Einstein himself could have invented!

Quiz: Which Rejected Care Bear are You?

I am the infamous pyro-bear that sets fire to everything and it says I look intimidating and I am only slightly sane! :)

Which loser reject from society are YOU? :)



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Buahaha, This one is quite accurate. Ha ha. Let's get some pancakes.


Yaaaaay! :D

I knew it I knew it! :D

I just KNEW this 1 was gonna be you! :D

This is why we get on so well dude! :)

Everybody loves to burn things!!!! :)

Everybody does!

I use to make gun poweder and I know the recipe off by heart! :D

But when you go to the chemist for carbon and sulphur and saltpeter you got to wait about a month or so other wise they will stop selling it to you! :)

And NEVER ask for all 3 in 1 go because then they call the cops or something! :D:D:D


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I am insane bear, but I am not quite sure that this test is accurate.
I'm a softee!!!:evil:

Noooo noooo and NO bruizette! :)

Just wrong!

These tests are flawless and the people that made them are also flawless so don't ask such questions like yours because when people start questioning things then suddenly there are people running around that have free will and nobody likes free will because EVERYBODY wants force... use the force Luke....

So no that is definitely you 500%! :)

And don't ask any questions from now on!