Feb 22, 2010
I have villan 5.4... it started out OK.. then after a few weeks it's slowing down a lot, FC tons of programs. and the keyboard is so laggy that I have to slow down my text msging... I'm ready to switch to another ROM. Anyone recommend something faster/better ?
roms dont suddenly become bad, perhaps you should check through what apps you have installed recently, they are a most likely cause of concern.
On slidevillain (with the old kernel) I always found the phone lagged the first time I touched the screen. So it ended up detecting everything as a long press even if I just tapped it/dragged across the screen.

I think you should switch to Villain 6. The new kernel makes the screen a bit more responsive, so I'd wager typing is improved. You can flash the new kernel to 5.X roms too I believe.

I do use Swype though so I can't really compare their keyboard responsiveness.
I feel that if you base a ROM off a keyboard, it is like buying a phone event hough you don't like the carrier. If you want to use a great keyboard, find a ROM that you REALLY like and buy Better Keyboard from the market. It comes with TONS of skins and workd great.. At least that is my 2 cents.