Which T-Mobile Android is the best?


my wife and i are both switching from BB to Android. I'm on Verizon and will wait for the Thunderbolt to come out, but she's on T-Mobile and wants to switch today since they have this free phone deal going on.

which Android is the best they have to offer? From what we've seen, it seems like the My Touch 4g is the way to go. anyone have any other suggestions?


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I would go with the MT4G, not fond of the design a whole lot but its a solid device. 2.2, 3.8" screen, front-facing cam, 2nd gen 1Ghz Snapdragon processor. Its a real winner. That or possibly the Nexus S, won't have 4G tho... I would say the Samsung Vibrant 4G but I'm not sure if thats out yet, but the MT4G is the top selection out of all IMO.


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The best one they have is the Nexus S, but that isn't free today. The best of the other phones would be the MyTouch 4G


G2 is the best device . The My Touch line sucks for the UI
Being heavy with junk Espresso . G2 is much faster and no
Glitches . And doesnt feel like a cheap piece of plastic . The
G2 is beautiful to look at and is an outstanding performer .
Nexus S is a disgrace to the Nexus 1 IMO .