Which one?

  • Prevail in the Galaxy.

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Dec 23, 2012
I currently use my Samsung Galaxy Prevail, that is rooted. Currently I'm down to $40 a month, unlimited everything. Use the phone for tethering.

I recently ordered the HTC one V on Amazon, that is for Virgin Mobile. Plan would be to to use the $35 unlimited plan with 300 mins. I don't think I want to root the phone, since it has jellybean on it.

Which would you select as your main phone?
Definitely the One V. The Prevail is a pretty dated phone and the One V is really nice for the money.
Pretty sure the One V is still on ICS, and it appears there won't be any official JB update for it. It also has a much better display and camera. Plenty of ROMs out there if you do want to run it on 4.1+.
Both are from Sprint (it owns both VirginMobile and BoostMobile), so no better/worse coverage. It basically comes down to features. The One V is definitely a better phone.