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Which TV box to buy and root

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Freedomheart, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Freedomheart

    Freedomheart Lurker
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    My questions a bit loaded and I don't know what I'm doing, tho in my past experiences I can navigate through stuff pretty well with instructions lol.

    I want to purchase a ROOTED TV box from a guy who is selling the boxes already rooted with everything you would need to run it to watch free TV/sports/movies ect and it self updates. He is asking about 250$ for them.

    Tho I'm wondering if I can buy a box myself and root it and install all the nessisary apps I'll need to get the full experiance out of it or is this guys deal a really good one?

    Which box is the best?
    How do I root it myself?
    And what are the best apps I'll need?

    Thank you anyone who is willing to help me out :)

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    I would be very careful about using one of these boxes that streams/downloads movies and sports for free(pirated). As someone very recently posted on here about a copyright infringement notice they received from Universal Pictures' attorneys, because they watched Jurassic World illegally with it. And if it was repeated, could end up with a huge fine and/or jail.
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  3. Freedomheart

    Freedomheart Lurker
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    Oh I didn't know that this would be a no no with the availibility of these boxes and info on rooting. Good to know, thank you.
    Suppose I should stop looking for one now

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