Which version of Java?


I have done a bit of a search on here (sorry, probably not enough of a search) but as a complete technophobe, am no wiser. :stupid:
I have a Galaxy Fame (GT-S6810P).
There is website with a good reference chart I use weekly and want to use on my phone for convenience, but it appears I need Java Flash to use it.
I went to the Adobe website to download it but have no idea which version I should download. :thinking::thinking:

Would somebody be kind enough to advise me please?

Also, will it have any 'bad' effects on my phone, eg. lots of battery drainage?

I bow to the wisdom of members here:adore:, and will be sooo grateful:D


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Thank you for your reply. I am currently using Google Chrome on all my internet devices, including my phone. Would this be OK with this download?

perhaps I should make-do with an inferior but useable App or wait until I get onto my laptop.:s: