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Which would YOU choose ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JWhipple, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. JWhipple

    JWhipple Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I came back to Metro this past Sunday and picked up a Samsung Indulge - a little pricey, but I LOVE Android and have been spoiled by high-end performance on other carrier's phones.

    That have been said, I now see locally that I can pick up a fully flashed EVO in MINT condition for less money.

    What would YOU do? Keep the Indulge, get the 4G speeds and direct Metro compatibility, or an EVO that has that HUGE screen, high resolution, 8MP camera (with dual flash even!), most likely better battery life but only does 1X speeds ?

    Just looking for opinions here.... My Indulge has 35 minutes use on it so I know it's free and clear to go back - I'll just adjust my plan come next month and go back down to the $40 a month plan if I get the EVO.


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  2. MetroPOS

    MetroPOS Android Enthusiast

    You can return the Indulge using that less than 60 minutes of talk policy only if you bought it on a brand new account. If you came back to an old exisiting account they won't take it back.

    But anyway assuming you already know about that, the answer to your question is simple. If you constantly have access to wifi for a good 75% of your day, then dump the Indulge and go to the EVO. If you're not around wifi that much then keep the Indulge.
  3. JWhipple

    JWhipple Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    It was indeed a brand new account - thankfully :)

    I'm trying to keep my talk to a bare minimum while I make a decision.

    Other than while driving I do have access to WIFI almost all the time.
  4. Gus3300

    Gus3300 Newbie

    I say return the indulge, and get the EVO then. OR (which is what i would do in your situation) return the indulge, buy the Optimus M and wait for new android from from metro to come out (my gut says itll come out during summer)... but this is depending what the EVOs price is

    Also remember that being connected to wifi takes up a lot of battery, so you have to take that into consideration for any android phone
  5. sookieball

    sookieball Well-Known Member

    My best friend has an evo on sprint and she HATES THAT FONE.
    Says the thing freezes all day. Battery life is around 3hrs TOPS at minimum use and the only thing she likes is the camera and size.

    But to each their own. Id like the evo just cuz im a homebody with wifi. And a home/car charger
  6. TRS-80

    TRS-80 Android Enthusiast

    ^ This.

    I am the opposite case, I am a contractor and out of the office more often than I am in it. So I opted to pay the $400 and go with the Indulge, over the Optimus (which I could have bought for less than half the price), just so I could get the 4G.

    Of course, the hardware weighs into it as well... How important is that camera*, faster processor, and bigger screen to you.

    * A note on megapixels: One of the most overused stats surrounding cameras, IMO (and many others, as well, especially photographers). Almost nobody even needs 5MP, much less 8. Unless you are blowing up your pictures to the size of billboards. Other things are much more important, like color reproduction (especially blues, etc.). The Indulge, being a Samsung, does take some pretty nice pictures from what I have heard. But that's hard to quantify. It's much easier for the marketing department to say "zomg! x megapixels!!!1!!1!1!11", because people automatically assume 8 > 5 or 3, therefore that camera must be better (which of course is not always true)!
  7. JWhipple

    JWhipple Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Boy am I glad I held off... I was going to do a return of my phone (who's number has already been given out to customers, work, etc, and still have not yet used 60 minutes on), and activate the same number on either the Evo or possibly an Optimus, BUT, found out from my local metro store that they could indeed refund but would have to start a brand new account with a brand new number... OUCH - so - guess I am keeping the Indulge!
  8. gus4269

    gus4269 Newbie

    Will the EVO work on 1x or metro 4G?
  9. JWhipple

    JWhipple Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    1x - EVO's 4G only works on Sprint's WiMax network.

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