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White Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i/ X10 Mini

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by Ranilus, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Ranilus

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    May 10, 2010

    May 10, 2010
    Kent, OH
    I am selling my X10i and X10 Mini. Both acquired in August of this year, so about 3 months old.

    Here are a bunch of pictures I took: Picasa Web Albums - Ran Ding - X10 & Mini & ...

    Asking $200 for the mini. $300 for the X10. Includes free shipping to U.S. OBO is welcome as well. I am going to put it on eBay eventually but thought I'd put it in the forums first.

    Shoot me a PM or leave a comment.

    ***X10i is already sold***

    X10 mini:
    Pretty good condition. I would not say mint or like new, there are a few dints and dents here and there, but none on the screen. They are regular wears from normal use. Screen protector installed since day 1. The black front of the X10 mini is very good at concealing the tiny marks so I never noticed them until I was taking pictures for the sale.

    The mini comes with the eggshell white back plate. Don't have the box or documents with me (left them at home), so just charger***, USB cable***, and headset with mic. and talk control, and 2GBs of microSD.

    Running Eclair 2.1 global version, I think, (but who cares it's all flashable anyway)

    ***since I brought both X10 and mini from home, I only brought 1 pair of the original SE charger and USB cable with me. However I've been using a Nokia charger and USB cable that came from my N97, and the SE pairs were never used. (the Nokia feels like better quality and I use them to charge & sync the Xperias with no problem)

    * In other words, I have a pair of USB cable + charger from Nokia, and another pair from Sony Ericsson. If you have a preference, let me know. The Nokias definitely work better IMO. Been using them with my N97 and N86 and then the Xperias ever since I got those two new phones.

    Because of its larger body I'd say the X10 has a few more marks than the mini, most of them are hardly noticeable until you take time and lighting to find them, though some of them aren't as easily concealed because of the white color. Screen may have few light smudges but none of them are visible with the screen protector on (i.e. only visible with special lighting)

    Again just wears from normal use.

    Comes with 6 spare screen protectors and one already on the X10. (I can tear off the old one as it's a bit scratched and apply one of the six spares for you)

    Again, no box or documents. 8GB microSD, Sony Ericsson USB cable and SE European charger adapter (the rounded plugs. So needs adapter for use in US, can be bought for dirt cheap. Not included).

    Also includes a red snap-on case, looks fast with white and red.

    Running Eclair 2.1, Hong Kong version (has a dozen international languages, and again easily flashable to other regions)

    *Cellular radiation absorber sticker applied on the radio part (shown in one of the pictures with a little bird and "don't worry be happy"). They reduce the harmful radiation from cellular networks at NO COST of signal strength. Been getting good reception anywhere with AT&T and T-mobile, and also ChinaMobile, and ChinaMobile international roaming in other countries


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