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White Widow 3.1 issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JrzDroid, May 31, 2010.

  1. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So I've been running White Widow 3.1 for a few days and pretty much love it. But there are a few issues like inability to send MMS messages, Facebook for HTC sense cannot be added to sync accounts, and the camera FCs sometimes. Does anyone else have similar problems?

    Also, is there any other ROMS that are similar to WW3.1 that gives access to Google Apps in the market like Nav, Goggles, Voice and Talk?

    Also, how to I go about switching ROMS? i think its something like:

    Enable Debugging
    Reboot into recovery,
    wipe Dalvk,
    then wipe info
    load new rom from SD card

    if I'm missing something lemme know!

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  2. alprazolam

    alprazolam Android Expert

    That's what you do! I would do a Nand backup of your ROM before you switch to another so that you can come right back to your exact setup, should you decide you like this one more.

    Yes, those are known issues with this ROM. I've seen a few ROMs that have mms and facebook sync fixed, but I can't remember if they were based on Sense or Vanilla, like this one. Let me know if you come across others that you like so that I can try it out.
  3. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I'm gonna start searching for some other vanilla roms that are OC'd and JIT. I heard of cyanoeris which is supposed to be pretty legit.

    As for the Nand backup do I just select Nand Backup in recovery mode then wipe it clean?

    TJTHEBEST Well-Known Member

  5. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    good shit??

    Also, I'm on a different computer then the one I rooted from. I'm currently downloading ErisLighteningBolt which looks Vanilla, OC and JIT. Can I just move the .zip file to the sd card and load from recovery after a wipe??
  6. theboo7

    theboo7 Well-Known Member

    i just started running LIghnting bolt today and its not Vannila its sense with a whole bunch of it removed so that i ca run JIT its pretty nice still, but im missing vannila contacts. and if you have WW3,1 he released they update for it that fixes some issues, removed links but the files are still up, and yes that is what you do do, and yes you do nad backup in recovery. And CE kept locking up on me when i tried OC over 710, and had a couple FC's. its still in beta and not supported by cynageon(i think, nothing on the website about eris support), so im sure you wont be able to get help with the ROM like you will with Andrzoid, he is always pushing out updates
  7. erisuser1

    erisuser1 Android Expert


    To be clear:

    - make sure new ROM is in root folder of SD card.
    - make sure battery is well charged.
    - make sure SD card has a couple 100 MB free space
    - reboot into recovery
    - make a Nandroid backup.
    - wipe Dalvik cache*
    - wipe Data/Cache*
    - install new ROM from SD card
    - Reboot

    * sometimes, a dev will release a "no wipe" overlay, in which case you skip these steps if you are using a prior version of the dev's ROM. NEVER skip these steps unless you are sure it is a "no wipe" install.

    One more thing, too: don't forget to rename the individual backup folders in Nandroid, so that when you come back to them in a week or a month, you know which one is which. (I usually insert the ROM name and preserve the date). Don't use any spaces or crazy characters in the folder name! (Letters, digits, underscores, dashes, and . only)

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  8. andrizoid

    andrizoid Android Expert


    TJTHEBEST Well-Known Member

    Ya i like CE alot i havent had any issues whatsoever. Google nav works and i get all apps from the market.
  10. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    - can't wait for WW4.0, glad to see FB working
    - for ELB there is a no wipe overlay for the battery widget in the nav bar that I'm going to overlay

    keep up the good work Andrizoid!

    and whats the consensus on Lightening vs. CE
  11. alprazolam

    alprazolam Android Expert

    Thanks for the concise instructions EU1
  12. andrizoid

    andrizoid Android Expert

    lightening is nice, but its not aosp. it has less sense aspects but its still running sense.

    and in regards to your other comment about not being able to get facebook for sense working...that because sense is totally gone from the aosp roms. facebook for android works, in beta 3 i have FB integration working, you may need to uninstall and reinstall FB though, then you go to accounts and settings, choose add account and sign in.
  13. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    i want that Beta3!!!!!
    any word on the MMS issues?
  14. It IS Lupus

    It IS Lupus Newbie

    where can i find ErisLighteningBolt. i cant seem to find it
  15. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Don't worry about lightening bolt. If your interested in vanilla, oc. And jit, drop me a pm
  16. mandirae16

    mandirae16 Member

    Does anyone know what keyboard he is using in White Widow? I love the ROM but not the fact that the mms issue is still there. Even in Beta 3 it is there. But I would love to use the keyboard with the ROM I'm using now.
  17. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Use white widow and do the apn Trick
  18. andrizoid

    andrizoid Android Expert

    apn trick seems to work with some, and the keyboard is the stock vanilla keyboard. it sucks! :/
  19. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    apn tricked worked for me=]
  20. andrizoid

    andrizoid Android Expert

    apn trick worked for 2 messages, then stopped. handcent looks like it always works though
  21. kejar31

    kejar31 Newbie

    Can you give me any hints on Handcent getting mms messages because it is not working for me?
  22. andrizoid

    andrizoid Android Expert

    try asking on the wave, i use gmail for mms so idk :/
  23. kejar31

    kejar31 Newbie

    Nevermind I got it working

    1st. turn off notifications for the default sms client

    2nd.. install Handcent, APN backup and SMS Backup & Restore

    3rd... back up your sms messages with "SMS Backup & Restore"

    4th.... use root explorer to delete both mmssms.db and telephony.db in the folder /data/data/com.android.providers.telophony/database/

    5th..... Reboot into recovery mode and wipe the cache

    6th...... reboot the phone mount the phone to your computer and download this file and put it on your sdcard in the ApnBackupRestore (if you dont have that folder create it and put the file in there) then unmount your phone

    7th....... go into APN backup and select "Delete APNs" afterwords select "Restore APNs" and make sure you select the Ivan file you downloaded in the last step.

    8th........ reboot your phone

    9th........ restore your messages via SMS Backup and use Handcent from now on = paydirt (both inbound and outbound mms works)

    Oh and just for fun I modified the handcent apk to change the hero theme to match the original sms client as well... if you want a copy and install instructions PM me

    here is a screenshot of the modified handsent skin :)

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