Who Currently Work Under These Conditions?


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AT&T doesnt allow employees to listen to music, read, use the phone and other "strange" restrictions. I ask, "is this for real?"

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"Mamma Bell Sez....."

"You don't git no break...Cawse I SAY so!"


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you would be surprised at how many companies have similar restrictions, especially when it comes to a company vehicle. these companies dont want their employees seen in company vehicles seen sleeping, reading news papers and what not, as it appears that the employee is goofing off and not on a lunch break.

some employees of these companies have taken advantage of and misused company property for personal gain and or "convince" some of these employees have been found many miles away from their assigned work location conducting personal business during NON-break/lunch times.

this can cost companies with a large vehicle fleet millions of dollars in un-necessary expenses.



Taking this article @ face value, I'm inclined to think what at&t is doing is illegal, if not morally bankrupt. However,a bit of blame for both sides for these conditions is in order.

This is probably another example of punishing everyone for the actions of a few. If at&t's HR/EEO department & the union (?) had the stomach for dealing w/the few who abuse the situation & bend the work rules, these Draconian work rules probably wouldn't have been put into place to begin with.

I am a blue-collar worker myself & sympathize w/the workers here. My employer has rules on the books regarding breaks/behavior while on official business, etc.... & are there for good reasons, but, definitely have more compassion & leeway than what is given here w/at&t.

Common sense has definitely taken a leave of absence in this instance & will hopefully be resolved in a mutually beneficial manner for all parties involved.


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I cant say that.I have had it as bad as these employees. I did work for a company where a full time employee wasnt elig for vacation hours until after their third year on the job and if a certain amount of "unpaid" hours you took during your "three-year-probation" would get deducted from your vacation hours when you reach your 4th year as vac hrs begin to accrue or accumulate. It was a cycle of 'catch up if you can'.

Some souls worked there 5 + years never having a paid vacation. Most quit before ever reaching eligibility. I saw thru the "gotta make my 4th year" mentality. It looked like the co saved money because when anyone was sick or had to take days off for any reason, the comp didnt lose money paying for it...the employee just had short checks. Then "IF" and when an employee reach eligibility, the co still made money "reimbirsing" itself for letting an employee take a non-pay day(s) off during the first 3 yrs. Almost like "i get paid for your taking off"


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Looks like its gonna one test run for sure. It seems like the moment a carrier brought onboard the iphone, their servives and plans regress to att'esc standards. Funny how Jobs took control of these companies with that phone. Sickening.


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I worked at a job where it would 45 minutes for my machine to finish a part. Though I was allowed to listen to music reading, writing, surfing the on my smartphone was against the rules, for some...

Most read newspapers, I tried to argue the difference between text on paper or a digital screen. Hard nosed bosses always win, needless to say I lost that battle! lol

Another place I worked at, you could snack foods on the floor, but not a sandwich! lol

I think some of those with a bit of power need to grow up.