Who else likes their battery...hahaha

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Seems like 15-25 min browsing the web drops 10-15%, sorta warm too..I can get a day/9 hours but if I decide to browse the web or typing this for example it'll randomly go from 100%-98%-95%-90%,

Anybody else?,


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My battery life hasn't been like that. I'm guessing that very soon we will see an update to help us with "shoddy" battery life.

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Never had a problem with my battery. With moderate use I rarely drop below 50% by the end of the day (11:00pm or so) after unplugging at 7:00am. I'm on wireless almost all day, however, either at home or at work.


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There are certain things that are battery intensive. Constant GPS tracking (if you are using a website and you have given it permission to track your location, it would use your GPS) is a big one. Also, your screen brightness while using your phone, and a whole host of other factors can affect your battery life. Simply put, if you want to use all the power this phone has to offer, battery life will suffer a little. That's the case for any phone though. I always carry with me a portable charger, though I rarely use it.


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for a quad core/large screen phone ,, mine is good,,,

until there is a big break through in battery technology and we keep demanding more from our phones expect to have to plug in nightly,

also remember more so then any other phones out there,, droids are more like little computers

learn to shut things down

also like other poster said/ gps searching uses alot of juice

another thing i do where i work cell signal is terrible so i change to 2g service which allows me to still get calls and texts/ then when i want to surf i turn 3g/4g back on

(4g,,, im in Canada and it works)


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I've had some rapid power drops and the phone does get warm, but overall, the battery life is as good or better than all my other phones so I'm not too concerned.

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I'm not complaining about the battery life, I think it's good/better than some, I've probably only put 2hrs+ of web browsing (wifi+data) because I don't want to use it like a computer,... but it gets the job done for overall


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My battery gives down relatively fast when n browsing but the t has never even dropped a percent when I leave it down over night. So I think it has quite good battery life.


So I just received my N4 on Christmas day and didn't get a full charge on it until yesterday morning. It now shows 24+ hrs on the battery clock without a second of additional charge time.

My battery currently sits at 40% charge.

That is 24 hrs without a charge and I could still go through at least the morning and possibly the afternoon before a charge is required.

I will admit that the usage as been low as I am primarily using my new N7 (yes Santa brought me both the N7 and the N4... Santa was good) so it has been mostly phone calls.

Also I disabled Google Now. So I don't know if that is helping.

Also I have a T-Mobile CelFi in my home and my signal is mostly 80-100% throughout the house. And WiFi has been on the entire time.

So. For me. The phone is performing flawlessly. Better than my Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile branded). Which would be almost dead under the same circumstances.


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Here is my screenshot for my first charge:

And it had 3 hours 4 minutes screen on time. At least 30 minutes of internet tethering.

Here is a screenshot after 4-5 charges:

Screen on 3 hours 30 minutes. With WiFi on the majority of the 3 hours 30 minutes. :D


Honestly. There are always bad eggs in the dozen... So I a, sure that people have legitimate complaints. Honestly some of the standard battery tests that reviewers do out there show that the nexus 4 does not really shine in the battery arena proves that it isn't amazing at battery life. But it also shows that it isn't the absolute worst either.

I think it is something with 4.2.1 myself. I am hoping that Google will address it in future releases. But I am not terribly unsatisfied with it either...


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My battery life is atrocious. I used to think the iPhone 4S had awful battery life. This is even worse. I feel like I constantly have to manage my battery just to make sure I will make it through the day. I don't want to have to babysit my phone. I just want to rely on it. That is really the only gripe I have with my Nexus 4. Everything else is amazing and so far the switch from my iPhone was worth it. But doesn't quite beat it in every category.


Keep an eye out for battery hogging applications and turn things like sync frequency on applications down, or off, if you can.

I've no problems with mine which currently lasts about 2 days even with Wi-fi on pretty much constantly and two hours a day connected to the car with Bluetooth.


I still havent made up my mind on how I feel about my battery. Some days it barely makes it from 7 am-8 pm with medium usage other days I have 20% left by that time. Although I dont run any apps that are completely draining nor do I have a ton of widgets. Only thing Im letting drain my phone is live wallpaper. Enjoying it for now but I see in the future as I customize my phone even more how that'll be gone.

On average though I'd say with Wifi, no GPS, some web browsing, medium gaming, about 1-2 hrs talking, 1 hr for browsing for apps, auto brightness, I'll have left 15% by 9-10 pm from 7 am

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Battery sucks,I'm using normal to..is 2+ hours on the phone using WiFi normal use with only watch maybe 2 videos with this kind of battery drainage?


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Am I right?


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I'm pretty happy with the battery on my N4. Last w/end I got 28:28 hours before it got to 3%. That included 04:22 of screen time plus maybe 3 hours of WiFi, a couple of hours of Bluetooth, a couple of hours of games, 2 to 3 hours listening to podcasts and some time messaging / e-mail / calendar.

To me, that's pretty good.

I don't do much to optimise the battery life either. I disabled Location tracking and only have WiFi / GPS / Bluetooth on when I'm actually using them. I also have the screen set to automatic brightness.


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This thread keeps coming back!

I'm pretty happy with the N4 battery. I fiddle/play with my phone a lot! Twitter every 5 minutes, On the web, general messing around and I've never had to manage the battery like I did the GNex or various phones previously.

I'm currently sitting on 83% after 4h 9m, WiFi always on and screen not dim at all.


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I'm on 79% after 6h 10m. Listened to around 2.5 hours of podcasts, 20 minutes playing a game, couple of calls and some e-mails.

Happy with that ..


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I got my phone on Friday. This three days have been of heavy use (settings, apps download, games, messaging, social networks). My average battery lifetime has been 14 hours a day. That's more than ok for me.