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Who got the T-Bolt just for unlimited LTE while it's available?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dyezak, Mar 21, 2011.


Who got the T-Bolt just for unlimited LTE while it's available?

Poll closed Apr 20, 2011.
  1. I got the T-Bolt just for the LTE data

    19 vote(s)
  2. I got the T-Bolt because it's bad ass without LTE

    13 vote(s)
  1. dyezak

    dyezak Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Like the title says, who got the T-Bolt just for unlimited LTE while it's available? I know I did...T-Bolt is nice (much nicer than I imagined it would be). But I really bought this phone to get the unlimited LTE service while it's still available so I can have it grandfathered to whatever phone I really end up with (Bionic or Galaxy S2).

    So did you get the t-bolt just for the shiny new LTE network too? :D:D

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  2. So your gonna sell it and buy another phone just so you could get unlimited 4g?

    EDIT:Add an option in the poll that its baddass with LTE?
  3. rcpratt

    rcpratt Member

    It was a consideration, but there were certainly many other reasons I got the phone.

    edit: I certainly won't be selling it and getting any other phone before my contract is up.
  4. WizeGuyDezignz

    WizeGuyDezignz Android Expert

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but how will it be grandfathered if you have to sign a new contract when you get a new phone? Or are you planning on always paying full price for a phone from here on out?
  5. rogue_slc_vzw_rep

    rogue_slc_vzw_rep Android Enthusiast

    Being locked in to an unlimited plan was an big influence into getting this phone. What other 4g phones are we getting that i should wait for and expect any big differences?? Nothing exciting is on the horizon.
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  6. lamoglinsgal

    lamoglinsgal Android Expert

    It had nothing to do with my decision. I don't have 4G in my area, and my not any time soon. Who knows?
  7. dyezak

    dyezak Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes, I plan on buying my phones cash out...
  8. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Folks should probably enjoy unlimited while it is in your contract, since VZW will probably purge unlimited as contracts for 4G unlimited are done. Seems if you got it for the 4G mainly, best to have done a two year contract to keep on the 4G unlimited for another year.
  9. doctajay

    doctajay Well-Known Member

    I bought it for the 4g. I was perfectly happy with my Droid X. However I am in a 4g area and don't want to play the extra $10/month (potentially) for 4g. If it takes me buying all of my future phones off contract on having to talk with a CS rep each time I upgrade in order to keep my plan then I will.
  10. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    I thought that too, but CS makes a point that grandfathering is only good through the signed contract term. Question would be if they want to tick customers off. My guess is they will, especially if the At&t and Tmo merger happens.

    If all carriers are tiered, the customer has no other option. Perhaps Sprint uses unlimited as their niche, but 4G coverage is awful with Sprint and the actual tech they use (for now) is worse.

    Added: The more I think of it, the more I hope the merger fails and At&t are forced to pay Tmo 3B billion and give them signal spectrum.
  11. jbh00jh

    jbh00jh Android Enthusiast

    If they jack the data fees way up in the future I'll just get a flip phone and a wi-fi tablet.
    mdeblaz likes this.
  12. mdeblaz

    mdeblaz Android Enthusiast

    my thoughts exactly... at that point (in 2 years), a "tablet" might be the same size as the thunderbolt
  13. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Kind of already is then ;) :)
  14. dyezak

    dyezak Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  15. project.in.process

    project.in.process Well-Known Member

    getting locked into 29.99 unlimited LTE was definitely a pull for me--but the nice surprise of being completely surrounded by LTE in Charlotte (unlike my previous WiMax coverage) sealed the deal.

    the phone is a BA. i'm content. i can't think of why i'd trade it up unless something wicked revolutionary came out.

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