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Who got the update??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by josh44, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. mant

    mant Newbie



  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    My theory is that poor quality control at the Eris points of manufacture, assembly and inspection have caused a wide, varying range of good to bad devices out there.

    Thus the wide, varying range of reports on issues, on success or failure of posted remedies and of effects of the OTAs sent to all of these phones.
  3. grvthang

    grvthang Android Enthusiast

    I got the update this morning. I never had the silent bug issue. I did have a decent amount of dialer lag, particularly when making a call immediately after making a call.
    The lag is gone now.
  4. MrZaphod

    MrZaphod Newbie

    It is done...

    1.5 > 2.1
    2.1 > 1.5
    1.5 > 2.1

    Now let's see if it gets quiet on me...
  5. mant

    mant Newbie

    I don't doubt this in the least. But a recall would be the proper course of action in that case. If that were too costly or HTC can't identify a pattern they would have to just stop selling the phone early...wait a minute!:eek:
  6. dannydanko

    dannydanko Lurker

    Last time I checked I checked MOTOROLA didn't have anything to do with an Eris.
  7. mant

    mant Newbie

    you know what i meant
  8. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    .. heh.. well, it fits in, in retrospect, as to the sales strategy for the Eris over the months since last year (that they discovered same-complaint issues beyond what acceptable percentages of customer contact they are accustomed to dealing with).
  9. grvthang

    grvthang Android Enthusiast

    Forget what I said about the dialer lag being gone; I spoke prematurely. I got the update yesterday, and today the dialer crashed to the point that I had to do a battery pull.
    This is really frustrating. I thinking of bringing it in for a replacement. I've had my Eris since December, and it ran smoother and faster on 1.5. I've done factory resets and all. Maybe if I'm enough of a PITA at the VZW store they'll offer me a discounted Incredible.
  10. fastbagger

    fastbagger Newbie

    I thought the new update was supposes to add Backup Assistant? No?
  11. hallstevenson

    hallstevenson Android Expert

    First I'd heard of that.... Where did you hear that ?

    The phone has a backup assistant built-in anyway: Google
  12. boxthrower

    boxthrower Newbie

    Got the update and can't see any real difference in my phone at all! Still just as laggy as before.
  13. AdrianC14

    AdrianC14 Android Expert

    I just applied the update on my Rooted Droid Eris and I don't notice a lot of differences except browsing the internet seems faster and no more silent bug.
  14. BMF136

    BMF136 Newbie

    I got it on Thursday and no silent calls yet.
  15. grvthang

    grvthang Android Enthusiast

    Why do you need Backup Assistant when your Google account backs up all your contacts?
  16. waimea

    waimea Lurker

    Got it a day after release. Haven't been effected by the silent bug since. However, camera became blurry. Pictures appear washed (like looking through a cataract). Got the telephone change. Refurb phone was immediately updated. Cataract appearance to pictures appeared on new phone but not as bad as my old one. Must be a software thing cause lens is clear.

    Saw the Incredible. Wish VZW would allow upgrade.

  17. mant

    mant Newbie

    Have you guys been powering down your phones since the update?
  18. debssx3

    debssx3 Newbie

    Spoke too soon, it hasn't completely fixed my dialer lag issues. =/
  19. dannydanko

    dannydanko Lurker

    Yeah I know just had to point it out lol
  20. BMF136

    BMF136 Newbie

    No, only once out of habit. I'm now at 71hours, 13 minutes and still trouble free. I used to power down daily to help prevent silent calls and I'd stilll get them about once a day.
  21. astrostrat89

    astrostrat89 Member

    Got mine early last week, I wiped after the update and reloaded my apps. (I was due anyway)

    Have not had the silent bug, but still have some horrible dialer lag after a few calls. I like this PDA a lot, but I am looking forward to my next "phone"
  22. Denny4530

    Denny4530 Newbie

    I got the update Saturday morning I believe. Haven't noticed any difference in the phone yet. However I haven't had any silent bug or other problems.
  23. MrZaphod

    MrZaphod Newbie

    I've had the update for going on two days now, with no silent bug. I got my Eris back in December of last year. It totally went silent on me 3 or 4 times on the first 2.1 OTA which led me back to the 1.5 ROM pretty quick (less than a week on 2.1).

    I actually quit using the weather widget anyway though as there was some speculation that it could be related to the silent bug. I also ditched Goggles as well because it was reported as a potential interloper too. I think I read both of those from nestor's posts a couple of months ago.

    I haven't really missed either, but I'm still in the 'trial' phase as far as I am concerned. I'm going to need a few weeks of pain-free usage before I delete my 1.5 ROM off my PC ;-) I want an Incredible now anyway...lol. However, I'm still quite fond of my laggy little Eris.

    I carried a BB around for years so having even a buggy, lag ridden Android is a significant upgrade!

  24. iu09ali

    iu09ali Lurker

    I got the update last Friday afternoon. I had noticed my phone would go silent on the first call I'd receive after using the camera. I used the camera Saturday and haven't had the silent issue at all. It's great :D *knock on wood*
  25. Markla709

    Markla709 Newbie

    No update yet in New York. Im on Sensable 3.0.


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