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Who here is fed up with emergency calls?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by redman2563, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. redman2563

    redman2563 Member
    Thread Starter

    Hello People, I have the moment and i have it locked with a pattern. I must have called 911 like 5 times. they probably hate me by now=( the spot for it is fine, they should just add extra precautions like "are you sure you want to call 911" its riddiculous. Yay? or Nay?

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  2. massiveian

    massiveian Member

    I have to say Nay. If you need to make an emergency call why would u want to waste time pressing multiple buttons. The reason your calling them is because of an emergency
  3. njbianco

    njbianco Android Enthusiast

    Why dont you find a 3rd party screen lock application instead of using the default
  4. MrGadget256

    MrGadget256 Member

    I haven't locked mine for this specific reason, hopefully they will change it with the update, whenever they get it out. :rolleyes:
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  5. Moment

    Moment Member

    Nah. I think it's fine. Be careful and try harder not to press Call 911. I haven't had any issues haha.
  6. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    I use the lock and have swiped literally hundreds if not thousands of times, and have never had an issue.

    The key is to make sure your swipe pattern is so that it swipes away from the emergency call button. If you do that you'll never have a problem.
  7. coldcaffeine

    coldcaffeine Lurker

    I don't press the emergency call button while swiping the dots, I inadvertantly press it while just holding my phone.

    Now the embarrassing thing is I'm a police officer and I've called my dispatch center on the 9-1-1 line on accident three times now.

    Anyone know of a good alternative lock screen?
  8. Cessna

    Cessna Newbie

    I've never used the lock pattern for this reason. There should be an option to disable it for people like me who think dialing 911 is sufficient. Not to mention that in my 32 years of existence I've never once had to call 911.
  9. redman2563

    redman2563 Member
    Thread Starter

    Agreed, I think you should be able to turn it off, third party lock apps? anything free thats good? I hit if i fall asleep with it or whatever the case may be. the point is i think the best solution is to be able to turn it off. I'm with cessna on this one, dialing 911 is suffice. I will however say this, If i know my phone is going to be in my posession, and my possession only, then i leave the pattern off, and i do this quickly because i have a lock pattern on/off switch on my home screen. fairly effective so far.=) merry xmas!!
  10. kencrudup

    kencrudup Android Enthusiast

    Count me in- I changed my lock pattern (gotta have one!) to point away from the "Emergency Call" button, and I still call it at least once a week. Your finger only has to get close, the capacitive screen handles the rest.

    On my G1, the "Emergency Call" button then brings you to a screen where you still have to enter "9-1-1" before it'll just call out; that's the way it should be, and I suspect it'll be fixed in the next release we get.
  11. Solo

    Solo Member

    Eh -- I just use the "Lock 2.0"...it's like the iPhone's slide to unlock. It's ah-ite.
  12. agent0014

    agent0014 Android Enthusiast

    There's a pretty huge thread in this forum on this already, I think it's called "way to easy to dial 911". I'd imagine a mod will be merging this thread with that one soon enough lol.
  13. redman2563

    redman2563 Member
    Thread Starter

    haha this thread is better=P btw megas xlr was beast haha.
  14. SlyFerret

    SlyFerret Android Enthusiast

    After getting to speak to the nice people at the 911 office twice, I stopped using the pattern unlock screen.

  15. Moment

    Moment Member

    I agree with the former post about lock strategy. Set it so the pattern ends AWAY from the 911 call button..
  16. agent0014

    agent0014 Android Enthusiast

    believe it or not that's pretty much exactly what I look like haha.
  17. redman2563

    redman2563 Member
    Thread Starter

    bahaha no way!!! i say you post a pic haha. I miss that show so much, it was like the only thing i would watch on cartoon network. so funny XD go COOp
  18. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    Yeah Ive accidentally dialed 911 a couple of times already. Its quite embarrasing.
  19. redman2563

    redman2563 Member
    Thread Starter

    someody had suggsted lock2.0 and i must say that the app has a huge flaw in the fact that if you hold the home button, you can easily switch out to another application even with the keycode activated on lock2.0
  20. caspertodd

    caspertodd Well-Known Member

    The problem is when you get some sort of notification or phone call, your screen lights up and goes to the pattern unlock screen with the emergency call button ready to be pushed. This happens even if it is in your pocket. If your screen is facing your leg, then your leg might push the button through your pants. Or you might accidently touch the 911 button while pulling the phone out of your pocket.

    Those of you that keep your phone in your pocket with the screen facing your leg that have not had this issue yet, your time is coming...believe me. You WILL diall 911 eventually unless they fix this.
  21. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    Wrong, if you get a call the unlock screen is not shown. You are able to answer calls without unlocking the phone or being shown the unlock screen.
  22. zombie

    zombie Newbie

    True but Im guessing he probably meant if you miss a call.

    I too removed the pattern unlock screen after somehow placing two emergency calls yesterday. I had previously just changed the unlock pattern so it did not include the bottom row which worked somewhat until yesterday which I have no idea how the emergency calls were placed.

    Basically someone could cause me a major headache if there were to get a hold of my phone as I have both gmail and facebook setup, hence the reason for using the unlock pattern
  23. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    Like I stated above I've used the swipe pattern daily for several weeks now, and have not even had a single incident of emergency dialing.

    Perhaps I'm much more coordinated than most people???
  24. zombie

    zombie Newbie

    Could be;)

    I think my problem was using the bottom row in the unlock pattern and the proximity of both that and the menu button to the emergency call button combined with my large thumbs
  25. caspertodd

    caspertodd Well-Known Member

    You could be :p

    I guess they need a disclaimer "you must be this coordinated before purchasing this phone".

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