Root Who is still running Gingerbread?


Title says it all. I'm running blazer rom 4.1 gingerbread. I have flashed jb and ics, but I keep coming back to gingerbread, because It is super stable, smooth, and fast.


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I still have stock Gingerbread. Never rooted. I never installed the ICS update from Sprint because I read the horror stories, and decided to never install it unless I start reading that the ICS update is working well. But to this day I still haven't read that anywhere. So I'm still on GB and everything is fine. I use Go launcher and for a change Launcher 8. I was able to stop the daily ICS update reminder by pulling the battery while the reminder pop-up was on-screen.


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I too am still on GB. I actually updated to ICS (back in the day) and it sucked so badly that I rooted my phone flashed back to GB and then unrooted. Found a tip to stop the constant "update" pop-up and I'll stay with GB as long as I have my GS2.