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Who is using Google Wallet?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kidtronic, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. kidtronic

    kidtronic Member
    Thread Starter

    I used Google Wallet for the first time at a 7-eleven last night and had a great time watching the cashier squawk in confusion. He must have asked me what I was doing ten times until he saw the transaction go through. The amusement factor alone made it worthwhile, and it didn't hurt that google paid for my purchases. Has anyone else been using it? If so, how has it been working out for you?

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  2. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    It's been working great, and I"m the VZW version.

    Search here, there are a lot of threads and stories behind it, usually cashier shock, or in 1 case I remember, they thought someone was a hacker or something, lol.

    I probably won't use it alot, but the free $10 and the convenience of using my phone over pulling a credit card out is nice IMHO.
  3. BrainIs404

    BrainIs404 Newbie

    I used it at Wawa and the cashier asked if I had all that info in my phone. When I said yes, she responded "that's hot!". When my buddy used his at 7-11 the lady thought he had hacked her card reader, lol! Glad Google pitched me $10 to play with the new toy :D.
  4. trophynuts

    trophynuts Extreme Android User

    i haven't gotten around to giving it a shot yet.
  5. Gunner

    Gunner Android Enthusiast

    Tried it at CVS the other day, and it asked me to put in my PIN, which I did, but then it gave me some error message. I was in a hurry, so I just gave up and paid w/ cash. Will try it again some time when I'm not in a BFH.
  6. artnsx

    artnsx Well-Known Member

    I've used it at CVS like 3 times and its worked fine. I used it at a pollo tropical and something went wrong...even though it said sent nothing came up on the register. I checked later and the transaction is still in my list in google wallet but no money was actually used.
  7. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    For the last 4 question, I did a prepaid transaction, and the last 4 are on the receipt.... now if it changes, I have no idea, I've only done one COOL transaction so far :D:D
  8. prostang

    prostang Well-Known Member

    I can't find anywhere to use it. Walmart doesn't have the readers, nor does Walgreens or Smith's grocery store. I will have to make a special trip to CVS.
  9. ryguy5254

    ryguy5254 Member

    Download the App Mastercard Pay Pass locator to find the places where you can use Google Wallet.

    Another thing to add is that you need a Data Connection, either 3G/4G/Wifi to do a transaction. So any stores in a building where you don't have a connection won't work.

    Also, if there is an option, you have to choose credit.

    And for ease of use, I just log on the app and log on with the pin and have it ready right before I step up to the cashier.
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  10. Do you have the pay pass locator app installed? It will show you where known merchants are at in relation to you.
  11. acer1

    acer1 Lurker

    I've used it once at cvs and the look on the cashiers face.....astonished and then impressed. But the golden moment came when I overheard the folks waiting in line behind say "hey look he paid with his phone! How did he do that?" I just smiled and walked out a little pridefull.
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  12. spaceynyc

    spaceynyc Well-Known Member

    you're right about the credit part but..
    you actually dont need a data connection to do a transaction.. I called up a Google Wallet rep and they confirmed it to me because one time I was at a CVS and my stupid Nexus only had 3G grey bars (calls but no data) and the transaction still ended up working for me..
  13. reggie16

    reggie16 Member

    and its not in the market correct? how do we get it?
  14. jamisont

    jamisont Well-Known Member

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  15. Bozebo

    Bozebo Lurker

    I'm in the UK so I can't use it properly yet.
    A few places allow NFC payment, and it will work with google wallet but I can't actually get google wallet on my phone just now (need to root it and muck about).

    Apparently that will change Q1 next year, but I am up in Scotland so it will probably not be until like 2020 for them to impliment a simple non-geographically-important digital service here... even though there are establishments waiting for it...

    Looking forward to it though :p

    OOH. Thanks for the link jamisont, I'll have to give it a try. Maps shows some NFC enabled businesses nearby, but I'll have to wait till the 2nd to give it a go :D
    Have a good new year.
  16. ryguy5254

    ryguy5254 Member

    Turns out you dont need a data connection.
  17. Masshole

    Masshole Newbie

    Why is the google wallet app not available in the market?
  18. I used mine at 7-11 several times for coffee and it gets a great reaction and plenty of questions everytime. Used it at McDonalds a couple of days ago and the cashier said they just had the readers installed the day before.
  19. Verizon does not authorize the app.
  20. clb2196

    clb2196 Android Enthusiast

    And thus Google doesn't support it. If you ever call for support, they won't help. :( I'm screwed, accidentally typed my ssn in wrong, can't get it fixed because they refuse to help me with a galaxy nexus, only support the nexus s on sprint.
  21. quiklives

    quiklives Android Enthusiast

    Are any of you using cases? Does this affect NFC at all?
  22. Eleer

    Eleer Member

    Afraid to download Wallet right now. I've been hearing horror stories of people getting locked out of their Google Wallet account, thus the only way to EVER access Google Wallet again is through getting a new phone. I don't know if this problem has been only for those people with a rooted device who have downloaded Google Wallet and have made a transaction, or if it's a widespread problem that locks you out of Wallet regardless of your device being rooted or not. Anybody got any new info on this? Is it safe to download and use Wallet by downloading it through .APK on an UNROOTED device?

    Link to some of the info I've talked about above: Google Wallet's Secure Element Not Responding Error Explained
  23. bigmike2424

    bigmike2424 Lurker

    I liked using it, but at the moment there is no real benefit of putting money on the Google gift card when it can only be used at certain locations. But I did I use mine at a taco cabana drive through and the cashier was amazed haha.
  24. jamisont

    jamisont Well-Known Member

    if im not mistaken, people who have this issue is the one who rooted their device and install wallet then replace whole rom to new version.
    is it safe to use? i dunno yet.. we'll see after we get new update (probably end of january).

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