Who said EVO better than Fasinate?

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I will give my opinion... as I have owned two Evo 4Gs and currently have the Samsung Fasinate...

Quality build of phone.... Totally different phones here, one is very well made with even ledges and no problems with lite coming through the ledges and shining right into your eye from inside the phone.. Past problems with the bottom part of the screen raising up above the edge of phone. The Samsung is very well contructed....

Video Playback... Oh you HTC Evo owners having problems playing Youtube Videos??? LOL look into Skyfire browser in the Market it has its own built in youtube player, it works some of the time.. its a very lean player that the EVO can play from time to time. The Samsung Galaxy line have no problems playing all youtube videos with the actual youtube App that comes with the phone. Stop blaming youtube people/ the evo just can't handle it for some reason.

Touch Screen... The Samsung is very responsive to the touch, works very good and keeps working to it's sooooo smooth. HTC EVO has problems well my two did with losing sensitivity on certain parts of the screen. I would touch the middle of my screen and well It didn't respond at times, it was like hell trying to scroll down the page. HTC you can do better than this. I had two of your phones that had the exact same problem.

Browser experience... You will need to go to google from skyfire and add google shortcut to hompage with skyfire behind it... use the built in browser and watch your loading bar lock up half way through most of the time/very slow experience here.. The browsing experience isn't consistant either.. It may fly for awhile and be like wow... and then it starts locking up and reality kicks in (piece of poop phone)

Don't forget to add a task manager from the market.. the HTC EVO gets boggged down quickly and the phone needs a good babysitting session each browsing experience... as long as youre not using the phone to heavy, lite use you will be alright like looking up a couple pages or something.

Not consistant.. The phone isn't consistant for sure/ runs like a champ for awhile and the phone slowly starts slowing down over a few weeks, you will want to reset the phone about every week to the factory settings, after doing this so many times causes the phone more problems than it already has out of the box.....

Oh don't forget... If you don't root the phone might as well not buy it. and you should disable every feature you can on it/ no sync/no notifications/turn off background when not using market/turn off GPS/ turn off animations/turn off updates... the more updates the worse. strip phone to get a good 5 hours out of the battery... hate those pre loaded programs on the phone don't you? Nascar? etc etc etc... LOL disable then force off. they mite stay off for a little bit.

HTC Sense.. It just makes no sense to me.. something more basic that actually funtions smoothly would make more sense to me/ HTC sense fails...

Camera Quality.... I will give the EVO this the camera is very good/ sure it lags and it takes the picture 3 seconds after you hit the button and sometimes getting a good picture is hard to do, but when it does capture a picture it is very crisp and clean and the highest quality photo I have seen from a smartphone. The video quality is very good to but I do notice the quality of the picture and video for some reason over time deteriorate...

You won't be cold this winter no sir... The EVO gets pretty got, i swear it damn near burnt my hand holding it and using it for an hour. It will keep you warm at night this winter for sure.. the phone borderline overheats alot and the performance gets even more slugglish :( just turn her off and let her cool down... overheating has to take a toll on the processor and battery im sure.. Plan on owning it no longer than a year...

Well I could come up with more reasons why I don't like the HTC EVO... but we have a good list going on.. please chime in people and tell me your experience... be honest now, don't lie because you are stuck with the EVO and making the best of it and making yourself believe it's one of the best smartphones... In the HTC line EVO isn't even the best... The incrediable is a better phone.


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The EVO was a game changer! It brought a whole new size factor to the smart phone game. I had it for a while, and I'll say every phone has it's downfalls. I'm not gonna dive to much into it, but I will say that 2.2 wrecked my EVO! It ran well for a few days after the OTA update, then BOOM...Things just stoped working! YouTube namely, lag here and there, and just an Annoying time taking pics...as you said the 3 second delay. Had the Incredible, It's not better then the EVO in my opinion::::Well, when the EVO is running as it should be, plus the Battery life on the Incredible is just one of the worst I have ever used on a phone..As for my Fascinate, plain and simple....It just does everything that I need at the moment, Battery is awesome, screen is sick, the camera pics and 720p video playback looks awesome on it, and thankfully I have zero lag with the one I have. Call quality has also been very good..Yea GPS takes 30 seconds sometimes, and them a couple of minutes other times...but a fix is coming soon. l'd have to say I'm very happy with it right now. If I had to choose between the EVO or the Fascinate,, I'd take the Fascinate any day of the week!


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Simply coming onto the forum and bashing phones isn't going to sit well here (regardless of what phone ANYONE feels is better).

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