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Who would you take?

Discussion in 'AT&T' started by Adamsalmon, May 17, 2011.

  1. Adamsalmon

    Adamsalmon Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am trying on deciding which company go move go. I am currently on AT&T and I am thinking of either Verizon or Sprint. So who and why?

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  2. msueagles2010

    msueagles2010 Member

    Sprint's customer service for the win.
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  3. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Android Expert

    I say find out who has better service in your area. I liked sprints customer service over verizons too but didn't do me much good since I barely got a signal. I dislike verizon cause of their cost but phone selection is pretty good and signal is good usually where ever I go.

    I can't find another carrier right now that can get me a plan close to what I have now for my 5 lines for what I pay with att and no problems with signal means I'm staying put... for now.
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  4. ninja_reject

    ninja_reject Android Enthusiast

    Same with me, wish I could have sprint with their unlimited data, but their 3g is weak in my town. Same w t-mobile. And Verizon cost to much for me. It depends on your needs, your area, and what you are willing to pay.
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  5. ryaxnb

    ryaxnb Lurker

    I may be alone here, but here's my recommendation:
    AT&T may be the best option for a smartphone because their data plan gives speeds in the range of 1000-4000kbps on 3G (average about 2000kbps) and 2000-8000kbps (average about 3000kbps) on HSPA+. If Verizon or Sprint don't offer 4G in your area (they only offer it in a small number of cities), then their phones use EVDO 3G, which has an average speed of about 700kbps (for Sprint) or 1100kbps (for verizon). This means using the Internet and watching video on a Verizon/Sprint phone will feel slow, and video quality will either be lower, or you'll buffer your videos more. Furthermore, WiFi hotspot functionality is MUCH more useful on ATT 3G then VZW/Sprint 3G; for one, AT&T lets your phone make calls while hotspotting, and secondly, AT&T's hotspot speeds (usually around 3000kbps), caps (4GB) and prices ($20/month surcharge; also gets you an additional 2GB data to use for both tethering & phone) are all better than the competition.
    AT&T also plans by end of this year to transition their network to a full HSPA+ 42mbps network, whereas Verizon and Sprint don't have plans for a full transition away from EVDO till around 2013. When AT&T transitions to a HSPA+ 42mbps network throughout, you should see 5000-10000kbps speeds on your phones.

    I have an AT&T phone, and i've also used Verizon service. My AT&T phone speedtests usually in the 2400kbps range with 5 bars, despite not being a HSPA+ phone. If i have a 2 bar somewhat weak signal, i get about 1500kbps. A HSPA+ phone i tested got about 3200kbps in the same area. Verizon phones i've tested get about 900-1200kbps and Sprint about 600-900kbps with 5 bars. All EVDO phone drop to about 600-800kbps with a weak signal.

    The net result is if 4G service by Verizon or Sprint isnt in your area, you'll have difficulty watching video, downloading apps, playing online games, downloading video or audio clips, and using WiFi HotSpot function on your Verizon or Sprint phone. Meanwhile, browsing will also be somewhat slower.

    What I would recommend is getting the Atrix 4G or Infuse 4G from AT&T. These phones can easily pull 2-4mbps, and the Atrix in particular has a dual core processor which when combined with AT&T service makes loading web pages much quicker on 3G than any other 3G network/phone combo out there.
  6. eff what ya heard here! Its all about your area and the coverage it gets. In my area (Atlanta) I get horrible service and data speeds from my at&t phone. All of my friends with verizon and sprint and even TMO RAPE me when it comes to loading web pages/tweeting/anything having to do with 3G usage. And if you look at many of the benchmarks on the interwebs, ATT is not getting near the speeds they are promising (in most areas anyway). I would say find out which company has the best, most consistent coverage where you live. THEN look at customer service. THEN choose a phone.

    For me, I would go to TMO in a heartbeat if A.) it were my choice and B.) They werent facing the possibility of merging with oppressive ATT to make an off-fuchsia GSMonopoly! lol
  7. moondrius

    moondrius Android Enthusiast

    I had some problems with my Thunderbolt that had me port my number out to Att for an Atrix. Att has improved a lot in my area as in not dropping half my calls within the first minute or 2. I only had 1 dropped call but my phone was not ringing. Att customer service told me to return the phone for another model and see how that worked out for me. I decided to just go back to Verizon and am happy with my Droid Charge.

    Go with whoever has the best coverage in your area. Sprint was not an option because I was with them when the Evo came out and was a mile outside of getting 4g coverage. Well its been a year and they still have not expanded at all in my area. Verizon has been the only carrier that I don't have to worry about dropping calls or not having calls going straight to voice mail. Also with the growing lte network its hard not to go with them if you are within lte or in a heavily populated area as you will be getting lte soon enough. With Att i was averaging 200-300 kbs while getting 13-25 mbs with Verizon. For the similar price Verizon seems to be the better choice.
  8. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Android Expert

    Sprint just lost about 50% of their coverage map, so forget what you've heard and look at the current maps! What good is unlimited data if you can't use it? And when you roam, you don't have data access. Go to the Sprint forum and read the thread regarding roaming on Sprint.

    Verizon likes to add bs charges to your account and then hang up on you when you call to get it corrected. Or say it'll be credited to your next bill, but it won't.
  9. marie75

    marie75 Lurker

    I hope you didnt go with verizon sprint s good i had a good experience with them but I have huge problem after problem with verizon both home phone and internet i absolutly wont go with there cellular not in a million years.
  10. coolio86

    coolio86 Well-Known Member

    If you haven't had a lot of problems with ATT, go with them. They are the future for 4G. They will use the same kind of 4G network as Verizon and have HSPA+ for you to fall back on. Plus after the merge with Tmobile they will propably have the largest network in America and they are planning on using Tmobiles network for their 4G coverage.

    If you have had major problems with ATT, go with Verizon before they get rid of unlimited data (July 7th I think).

    Sprint does have great customer service, I bought the Evo 3D from them and the employees were very nice. One employee let menplay with their persona Evo 3D before I bought mine. But let me just say this, they are inconsistent with their 4G. In Missouri, where I bought the phone when I only had 1 bar of 4G I got 5mbps download speed. But in Florida where I live, when I get full bars, I get MAX 3mbps. No 4G signal at my house. No voice signal at my house. My iPhone 3GS on ATT gets a 3G signal that is 2.5-3mbps down and I get voice coverage. So even though they had an awesome 3D phone, good customer service, and good 4G speeds in places I don't live, they are inconsistent and when you notice how inconsistent their network is, it sucks.

    Go with Tmobile if you want a cool phone and a two year contract that will end after your on the same network you left, ATT. The person I know on tmobile says that they get 5mbps down on 4G and good service.

    As for me, I'm going back to ATT (from Sprint) for the Thrill 4G.
  11. Depends what your priorities are.

    First and formost, what is the service like in each area? If they are both good, then you decide if money is an issue. IMO, I believe Verizon has the best Androids (specifically the Droid lineup) but Sprint has some decent ones (like the EVO 3D). If you want a cheaper bill, Sprint is the way to go. If you plan on traveling a lot, Verizon would be better, though more expensive.

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