Whoo Hoo I can Stream Fancast with the Froyo!!!


Wow I can stream fancast with Froyo Whooo Hoo!!!


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Yepper!!! and I'm really surprised how smoothed it flows. LOL i also signed into Xfinity since i'm a Comcast well not a customer but an employee. But even customers can sign in and get their channel line ups to watch.


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Ok I see the issue. It plays tv shows fine, its when I click on "The Hangover" I get stuck at the obtaining authorization screen. Can any of you who are streaming confirm that you can play "The Hangover" as well? Its the 6th movie under the flash banner on the www.fancast.com/ home page.


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Gotta say, the evo was worth every dime I spent on it yesterday, as by the end of the night I was watching the UFC paperview in my work parking lot on it...but don't tell Dana that, he's been cranky about this lately