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Who's Updating to KitKat 4.4?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 2prevail, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. 2prevail

    2prevail Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Of course the N4 is getting kitkat but the question is, who's updating their device. I personally think the UI has lost its sleek look but will be updating just because Ill be able to say i have the latest android software to date while no one else dose (except for later nexus devices). Is anyone planning on staying with good ole' JB?

  2. Medion

    Medion Android Expert

    The largest change seems to be the flat icons, which is app-based. We're already getting these flat icons via Play Store app updates.

    The transparent notification bar is a Godsend for those of us with OLED display. Both my Incredible and S2 developed noticeable burn-in on that part of the screen, and I can already see it forming on my S4. The sooner this update comes out, the better for me.
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  3. 2prevail

    2prevail Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The new settings icon brings back memories of donut. That's what's mainly bugging me. Other than that I welcome everything else
  4. SlyFerret

    SlyFerret Android Enthusiast

    I didn't buy a nexus device to pass up upgrades. I'll be getting kit Kat as soon as I'm prompted that it is available.

  5. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Android Expert

    I had no idea what KitKat held until reading this thread ;)

    I'll definitely be upgrading, but I may leave it a day or two, allow a little time for those brave souls who live at the bleeding edge to make sure there are no major gotchas in there :D
  6. John Bean

    John Bean Happy Wanderer

    Too true. I was way too quick updating to 4.3, it caused me a lot of grief with all sorts of important (to me) things that no longer worked. Had I left it a few weeks for the developers to bypass the all-new Google "gotcha"(s) the update would have been (almost) pain-free.

    There's nothing I need in 4.4 so I'll be biding my time with this one.
  7. Judo

    Judo Lurker

    I'm a just sit back and watch the reaction on what's what about it, but I'm leaning towards updating my phone if I feel like I want to.

    Actually having the choice to choose weather to update or not is such a good feeling.
  8. ooberandy

    ooberandy Android Enthusiast

    I'll be diving straight in at the deep end :D
  9. charliecc

    charliecc Android Enthusiast

    I normally do, but everytime I get annoyed because there are a few apps that don't work with the latest version. It normally takes the app developers a week or 2 to fix.

    I think this time I might grow up and wait a couple of weeks before updating. That said, if the icon pops up on my screen, I don't know if I'll be able to resist.
  10. ooberandy

    ooberandy Android Enthusiast

    Never grow up!

    My main reason for a nexus was the speedy updates, so I'll be jumping in like 35 year old the kid that I am :-D
  11. bjacks12

    bjacks12 Android Expert

    I'll likely try to wait a week or two...but then, I was unable to do so when 4.3 came out.
  12. Biaviian

    Biaviian Android Enthusiast

    I've often wondered this. Does Google release the OS to developers ahead of it's roll-out? I haven't heard of them doing so which is completely different from Apple. I guess maybe it isn't needed as only Nexus users get the update in a timely manner. However, it seems like Google's updates don't have near the amount of bugs that Apple's has even with Apple having gone through extensive testing with external developers (or those signed up as a developer).
  13. jhonb

    jhonb Android Enthusiast

    As soon as I can get it. Like someone else mentioned, that's why I have this phone. I laugh at my Verizon buddies that are three or four versions behind with their Motorola whatever.

    Have sim card, will travel. Life on the edge.
  14. 2prevail

    2prevail Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    And that my students is the true meaning of the Nexus experience. Class dismissed
  15. EVU

    EVU Well-Known Member

    Any chance the LTE radios get activated for use on the TMO 4G network?
  16. codesplice

    codesplice Elite Recognized Moderator

    Extremely doubtful, unless the N4 magically gets FCC recertified to cover the LTE function.

    That said, I'll be watching XDA for someone to get LTE working again. For what its worth, I was able to get LTE functioning just fine on a port of the N5 factory image using the same .33/.84 hybrid radio. ;)
  17. bjacks12

    bjacks12 Android Expert

    I'm updating when it drops. Was going to flash the images, but I don't know if I want to go through the hassle of backing up and restoring everything again(although I have deliberately not played any games since my last restore).

    It's kind of funny watching all the fighting on XDA and Reddit. The fastest way to get the attention(negative) of the mods on XDA is to bring up KitKat at all it seems.

    I also lost a shit ton of karma on Reddit for commenting about the update being so-so.
  18. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Android Expert

    Have some 'karma' back on here: if you don't have the N5, KK is a bit meh :D
  19. codesplice

    codesplice Elite Recognized Moderator

    How do you figure? I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent tinkering with some hacked-up ports and AOSP builds on my N4; I only came back to bone-stock 4.3 (1) as an experiment (this is the first time I've ever been 100% stock, even unrooted), (2) in preparation for the hopefully-imminent OTA, and (3) ... because there were still some low-level driver-related issues.
  20. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Android Expert

    I keep looking through the write ups for anything interesting in 4.4 and failing to find anything .. or at least, anything I'll even notice on my N4 :(
  21. codesplice

    codesplice Elite Recognized Moderator

    Here's a pretty detailed review that Ron Amadeo just pushed out: Android 4.4 KitKat, thoroughly reviewed | Ars Technica

    Personally, I'm pretty stoked about the Immersive Mode, searchy dialer, happy ART fun time, memory usage / performance improvements, and the overall cleaner look.
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  22. MacFett

    MacFett Android Expert

    I've been running the N5 port of 4.4 on my N4. I like it a lot. Can't wait to flash the real deal though.
  23. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    Factory Image is out in case you don't want to wait around for the OTA.
  24. MacFett

    MacFett Android Expert

    I saw, I just haven't been able to flash it yet. Maybe tonight.
  25. bjacks12

    bjacks12 Android Expert

    So...I lied.......I sat at work wondering for 4 hours whether or not I should flash or wait. I didn't have my USB cable(bad things happened last time I took it to work, as Jhawkww can tell you). Got home and did it anyway. It's currently optimizing the apps, can't wait to try out some Kitkat!

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