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Support Why are many needing to hard reset after Froyo (v. 2.2) upgrade?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jws3, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. jws3

    jws3 Well-Known Member
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    Jun 27, 2010
    I have seen several posts noting problems requiring a hard reset. I myself had to do this, as I couldn't always answer the phone (swipes were simply ignored about 70% of the time) and the weather widget was out, too.

    Had to hard reset and, from what I hear, so have many others.

    Why is this? I called HTC, who called what Verizon did "buggy".

    Sigh..... many waited for this..... Why?


  2. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Oct 28, 2009
    Graduate Research Assitant | That part time IT guy
    3rd Rock
    Although I am a DROID user every single day I am recommending that people perform a Factory Data Reset on their phones after updating to 2.2.

    Basically, what happened was that, for whatever reason, the FRG01B update that was pushed out to the DROID (and I assume the files were similar for the Inc as well) performed a patching of the system files to the latest and greatest OS). This process was not a happy one b/c a lot of apps that users were using were installed under 2.0.x / 2.1 and needed to be installed under the current 2.2 to work correctly (or, at least, that is how it seems to me).

    I got lucky and forged on ahead to the FRG22 update that was leaked - but then found myself with a *new* OTA update - I immediately rang up a few folks here and Peter Alfonso was kind enough to spend several hours with me verifying what I suspected, based upon the scripts in the update - this was the one that should have been released by VZW in the first place (Read his blog about it at Peter Alfonso )

    Instead of patching, all it did was wipe (aka format) out your system 'partition, then copied all new pre-compiled system files to the phone - so that when it booted it had fresh, pure files on it, not files that were patched at least once (and even up to 3 times).

    With the Inc, it may not have been so bad, as I recall that the Inc came with 2.1 OOB, but still, that patching business was just heinous.

    Not sure if anyone ever found a full update for the Incs like I did for the DROID, but if they did, it would be good for Inc users to use that 'master' update file as well - faster, and more stable, upgrade.

    However, system application instability can be explained away from this factor - downloaded app instability may still require a Factory Data Reset even if you use the master update - and IMNSHO, I think it should be mandatory. You never know what instabilities may occur, b/c the OEMs and the Carriers cannot account for every single app out there on the market, much less those out in the wild as well.
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