Help Why Are There No Posts Here?


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OK, that's a rhetorical question. I believe I know why.

There is a "thriving" Thrive community elsewhere on the web where posts easily exceed 100 in a day.

I'm fairly sure I'm not supposed to post a link to a competitor, but if you do a search for "thrive forums" you'll find it.

And don't feel as if you'll be forsaking this site. The applications discussions here are much better.


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I'd love to know why a thread about the Toshiba Thrive was moved to a forum for the Samsung Galaxy, where no one will look for it or see it.

It'll take a while, but it'll get going here, too.
I hope so, but I'm not entirely optimistic. Specific hardware forums tend to lose more readers/posters the longer the phone/tablet has been out. I'm on three Samsung Intercept forums here, and they're all like ghost towns.