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Why are they putting this out with a poor battery?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cam86john, May 3, 2012.

  1. cam86john

    cam86john Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Huh? 2100 mAh? A 4.8 HD screen with a 1.4 QUAD CORE PROCESSOR running 4G LTE...

    Again, huh?

  2. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    If this is a crap battery then what do you think about the HTC One X? At least this one is removable.
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  3. Ibrick

    Ibrick Android Expert

    Funny I thought I battery was one of the S3's strong points.

    The S4 is extremely efficient, and I'm pretty confident in guessing the 4412 will use less battery than any dual core phone not sporting an S4.
  4. rlb4

    rlb4 Android Enthusiast

    It is the highest capacity battery in any phone except the razr maxx.
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  5. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Android Expert

    I was just thinkin' that myself!
  6. jjeff444

    jjeff444 Newbie

    and the beautiful thing about a removable battery is...you can get an extended battery if the original is not enough.

    i would bet a couple of months after the S3 goes on sale, there will be a few options of extended batteries available. the galaxy note has a ton of extended batteries from 2,500 mAh to 5,200 mAh :eek:

    i'm sure it will be similar for the S3
  7. Skeeter125

    Skeeter125 Android Enthusiast

    It won't be running quad core lte. US versions with lte will have s4 most likely which is pretty good on battery. Not to mention 2100 mah is pretty large battery to fit in a case that thin.
  8. Gearu

    Gearu Android Expert

    It's ok, better than when they delivered the SII with 1650, I think this will last slightly longer at doing what it does than the SII did with the 1650.

    Extended battery will come out though (SII got a 2000mAh one), I only use my 1650 SII battery in the evenings in front of the fire because I like to save the big boy for the daylight hours.
  9. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    At least they cannot pull a razr to razt maxx deal in two months. Id like 3000, and i can have it when the high capacity ones come out.
  10. xtop

    xtop Android Enthusiast

  11. matttye

    matttye Android Expert

    The new processor is 30% more power efficient and the pentile is also more efficient (as it has a third fewer pixels than RGB screens). Although I know the increase in resolution will counter that.

    I would be surprised if it sucks battery much faster than the S2. Imagine the S2 with a 2100mAh battery..would be awesome.
  12. jjeff444

    jjeff444 Newbie

    wow very interesting. i think i'm going to get my multimeter and check out my batteries. although i dont have any extended batteries but still. something to keep in mind when buying aftermarket batts.
  13. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    Yeah i actually recently was refunded $$ for fals capacity claims on batteries for my note 2500mah btw)

    I am a heavy user...spare batteries are not an issue with me. it would be awesome if there were a device that had sufficient battery to meet my needs but i gave up on that 5 or 6 phones ago
  14. matttye

    matttye Android Expert

    Razr Maxx?

    I want those carbon Nanotube batteries to enter mass production already :D
  15. DKYang

    DKYang Android Enthusiast

    I know right. 2100 mah is crap. It should be 4500 mah. I mean, that's the standard nowadays isn't it?:rolleyes:
  16. Gearu

    Gearu Android Expert

    People know that Samsung offer official extended batteries right? I'd only ever buy an official one.
  17. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    Galaxy Note
  18. matttye

    matttye Android Expert

    I was asking if the Razr Maxx would suit your battery needs.
  19. thelastdraco

    thelastdraco Well-Known Member

    That thing is capable of powering a standard laptop for 3 - 5 hours.

    I'm just glad that the battery is removable + high capacity.
  20. ben7337

    ben7337 Well-Known Member

    The backplate for this phone is over the whole back right? So who cares what battery it comes with? Get a nice big battery with a backplate for it and no one will ever know you are running an extended battery. the phone can still be kept fairly thin and won't have that hideous hump that most phones get with extended batteries. So long as there's no hump on the back of the phone I don't mind it coming with a lower capacity battery at stock. Though HTC and Samsung do need to find a way to make a phone comparable to the Razr MAXX when it comes to battery capacity combined with being thin.
  21. JamesOng

    JamesOng Lurker

    Why is this thread posted in the first place?

    HTC X - Standard battery, Li-Po 1800 mAh
    IPhone 4S - Li-Po 1432 mAh

    At Li-Ion 2100 mAh, it's consider one of the best in market isn't it? Plus it's believed that Quad core has an improved efficiency in battery management!

    I cant see what do you mean by 'poor', unless you are coming from Iron Man 2 Technology Era!
  22. KeithSr

    KeithSr Well-Known Member

    My SGs3 battery life is awesome. I am very pleased.
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  23. BynoUK

    BynoUK Android Enthusiast

    Same here, can't fault it at all, after coming from a Desire HD not having to charge my phone daily is a revelation!
  24. Rdjr74

    Rdjr74 Android Enthusiast

    Coming from the GNexus this battery is hands down the best. I was just bragging yesterday about it. 1d 11h 30m with 26% battery life left. You can't beat that. Little usage but either way very impressive.
  25. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    I think this was a drive-by thread, since the comparison to other devices was not brought up. Case in point, the OP has not replied and the post served it's drive-by purpose.

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