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Why are you still using the Note 7? - Galaxy Note7

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Joe, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Joe

    VIP Member Thread Starter

    Are you still using the "unsafe" model? Are you going to return it for a new one? Are you going to get a different phone?


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  2. johnluckey

    johnluckey Lurker

    Going to replace it when the safe note comes out. Love the phone and have been keeping an eye on it and only charging wirelessly with a case. Just waiting for the new note to come out from T mobile and will try to order online or by phone.
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  3. Im still using mine. Im keeping it till my new one arrives
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  4. cbninja55

    cbninja55 Lurker

    Trading it in tomorrow for an S7. Hoping for the notes to get restocked quickly because I do not want an s7.
  5. Guys i plug mine in every night with no problems when i get up in the morning
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  6. XenonA

    XenonA Lurker

    Using mine for a few more days. Trying to get my Note 4 back online until they fox all these issues. Plus I'm being the whole "S-pen" stuck issue after being in the water!
  7. Why switch it to a note 4 when the replacement's will be available starting next week
  8. XenonA

    XenonA Lurker

    Yeah Verizon screwed me on the upgrade saying I need to turn my phone in on a trade when I was told I could keep it when I initially did the early upgrade. (From two year contract to payment plan). This will kill time until true upgrade.
  9. frank0314

    frank0314 Lurker

    I'm keeping my Note 7 until the replacement comes out. Having a defective phone in hand will give me more leverage to get the replacement right away. I love my Note 7 and don't want to be stuck trying to convince Verizon to do the right thing and swap out a loaner or S7. I don't charge it in the car or overnight while I'm sleeping. I've read that Samsung is recommending not charging above 60%. I may try that and see how much of a hassle it is.
  10. cbninja55

    cbninja55 Lurker

    At&t is saying you have 30 from the day you got your note seven in to freely trade it in and get an s7. When the new notes come in you can bring the loaner back and swap them back out for free. I don't want to push past my 30 days just in case they want to argue about me not being able to swap it out for a new unit.

    Honestly I use mine like a regular phone. Charge it like normal and everything. So far it doesn't even get hotter than any other phone I've ever had.
  11. durandetto

    durandetto Android Enthusiast

    Still using mine till the next ones come in, since sprint doesn't offer loaners and I don't have a viable backup.
  12. Next week gang on the 21'st just got an email from Samsung. Im sure if your note has not exploded yet im sure you will be ok until then
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  13. cbs4220

    cbs4220 Lurker

    I'm still using mine. Been charging wirelessly. No issues yet. I love the note 7, and will get a new one once they hit stores.
  14. Arguyle

    Arguyle Lurker

    I'm still using mine and will continue to until the new ones come in. The problems are being overblown and I will not become involved. I simply do not charge at night.
  15. I agree every has seem to lose there minds. Over this. I plug mine in every night
  16. cbs4220

    cbs4220 Lurker

    I'm just ready to get my replacement, and for this to blow over. I made the mistake of buying mine at Sam's. Virtually impossible to speak with someone and when you do manage to get someone, they know nothing. Only reason I purchased it there was for the $150 gift card in addition to the Samsung freebies.
  17. Arguyle

    Arguyle Lurker

    I bought mine at Best Buy. I'm happy with them, but I'm going to be mad if I turn in this phone that is perfect, and sometime down the road run into problems with the new one.
  18. When we return the note 7 can we pick a new color or we have to get the same phone
  19. Arguyle

    Arguyle Lurker

    I am not sure! Good question...anyone?
  20. cbs4220

    cbs4220 Lurker

    I've not heard anything for sure. However, I'm insisting on my same color. Got the silver, and love it.
  21. spacex2000

    spacex2000 Lurker

    I love all the good things Note 7 brings to the table. The only thing I miss is the IR blaster. I really hope that the replacement is EXACTLY like the one I have right now. I really don't want to replace this but I have to knowing that this will not survive the full year. But at the moment, I simply cannot find anything to complain about the phone, so much so I don't even think of rooting or even changing the launcher.
  22. Arguyle

    Arguyle Lurker

    I couldn't agree more. I love the phone as is. Hate to turn in but like you, I can not see taking the chance on being responsible if it dies in a few months.
  23. Laurie942

    Laurie942 Lurker

    This phone is fantastic and I have had no issues with it. I hate changing it out but will once they get the shipment in.
  24. Nakim

    Nakim Lurker

    Still using mine because the loaner is a hassle. I can wait until Wednesday.
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  25. iampedro

    iampedro Newbie

    I might get the pixel xl instead..

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