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Why aren't any unicode characters displayed?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Pranas, May 26, 2010.

  1. Pranas

    Pranas Newbie
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    Hi guys.

    Got my phone yesterday, I like default browser very much, but I have just experienced an unexpected inconvenience.

    My native language involves UTF-8 characters. First page I accidentally visited uses UTF-8 character set as well (can be seen in page source). Accordingly default browser's text encoding (in "Settings") was set to UTF-8 instantly when I first saw it.
    I find it very weird, that characters are not displayed correctly and that makes browsing experience terrible. How should I solve this problem?

    EDIT: That's just unbelievable. I went to "Dolphin HD" browser, changed text encoding to UTF-8, made a soft restart and found that this page is still displayed in the same wrong way (now I am looking at UTF-8 Test Page ). "Opera Mini" brings the right output, but that's not going to be a solution for me.
    Overall, it is very confusing, even primitive devices have no problems with this. Maybe I am missing some important settings?
    I have even thought about a HTC font without proper characters, but why is that UTF-8 option for if smartphone cannot pass unicode test?


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