Dec 19, 2012
Why buy the Tab over Nexus 7 ???????????????????????????
The SGT 7.0 has front and rear cameras. Not sure about other sensors. Removable uSD storage is a big deal for a lot of folks.
Best Buy has the tab for $179 currently, Amazon too, but on back order.

I passed on the Nexus 7 for the same reasons cited above and got the GT2. No regrets, either.

OP, you seemed to have been trying to decide since Sept.! You need to figure out what works for you and buy something. Lots of reviews already out now. The economy needs your support. :D
The Student Edition, which came with the Keyboard dock & USB adapter was the deciding factor for me to get the Tab 2, besides having an sd card slot.

If not for those, I may would have gotten the Nexus 7 for the better specs.
I got my tab for only 150.00
its good for external storage and while the resolution on the nexus is known to be crisper and nicer looking, the samsung galaxy tab just generally provides more with having less bugs and issues