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Why did you buy a android phone if your not goin to play with it

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sonspot, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. sonspot

    sonspot Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok, like the title says, so why did you guys and gals get your android phone if your so scared of playing with it,. I know these phones are not cheap, some of you paid $350 usd and up for your phone (dont know why :p ), doesn't matter..

    The question is meanly for the north american folks (Canada and the USA for those that dont know north america (seriously lol :) ) ).. We'll get these phones months after folks in europe and even with the updates (hopefully within the week), so why not play with them,.

    Did you buy it cause its pretty, a big screen, the in thing, out shine a friend, why??,. I bought mine because I could customize it (within reason) the way I like it, get more function then just a phone,. reason why I ask this question because I see some many people waiting for the carriers to say its ok to update your phone now when there's a working world update ready to update your phone with, only takes 5 min..

    I remember when the first xbox came out, I bought it a few months later (trust me I'm not rich or well off). I got it on the Sat and on the Sun I picked up a mod chip, opened that sucker solder it in the chip, upgrade the hard drive to a 80gb that was in my PC at the time and full of porn (sad day that was) and I was good to go, never looked back or think twice about doing it,.

    please dont take offence just wanted to know why people got this type of phone..


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  2. pyromatic18

    pyromatic18 Member

    I got sick of iOS and wanted something new. I heard Android was the next best alternative and I have always liked Sony Ericsson Phones. And I still do like SE phones.
  3. Wisenos

    Wisenos Android Enthusiast

    same here
    well not sick of iOS, i still like my old iphone, but wanted something to be customizable (tired of hacking :p)
  4. tinkk

    tinkk Member

    Hahahahaa asif you hacked an xbox to put porn on a bigger telly, the determination is amazing haha!

    Im waiting for it just to make sure it works right when i get it, and to have it as more of a midpoint for the next update

    Mainly because of the bad feedback to it, im tryin not to get too excited (and void my insurance!) Thougj i would like the hd video camera :O
  5. Wisenos

    Wisenos Android Enthusiast

    no i mean i had my first iphone 3g bricked... about a year ago...
    so switched the simcard in my K790a, called my carrier(Rogers) they sent me a new iphone and i sent them the bricked one ( told them i had no more reception :p ) and kept it LEGAL until i sold it to my brother for a high price of 100$ (the price of my x10a)

    and trust me i will NEVER hack any game console, anymore (since i chipped my classic playstation 5500 series and broke 2 weeks after)...
  6. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    The first thing I do when I get any phone is sit and play with it, as I like to figure stuff out for myself so find it baffling sometimes when people ask questions that they would already know had they done the same. Granted some stuff isn't always apparent but the majority of what a user needs to know can be found by playing with the phone.
  7. FMS

    FMS Newbie

    I also like to see what is in the phone, I like to costomize it, it is the best you can do with this phone, in fact that is one reason why i bought it, because you can change a lot of things, not like the iphone or other phones, that have crappy look and they all look the same !
  8. allbutlost

    allbutlost Well-Known Member

    I use mine for hours endlessly every day to surf the internet. I couldn't do that with anything else.. I also use it for tethered internet access on my netbook. I use it for quick messaging (I type with an on-screen keyboard faster than a hard keyboard) and I use it for gaming. I also use it as a camera quite often.

    Customizing the interface is a perk, not a necessity. These things above are REALLY using the phone.. customizing crap on the screen or having the latest OS? Small potatoes for me. The phone does what I need it to do.
  9. ChudleyOne

    ChudleyOne Well-Known Member

    1st reason - it was cheap. Free on renewal.
    1.5'ish reason - Needed a limited use media player & was sick of borrowing my kids PSP.
    2nd reason - one of the best cameras on a free phone.
    3rd reason - it's an Android phone. Didn't know how customizable it was but enjoying it daily.
  10. ChudleyOne

    ChudleyOne Well-Known Member

    Double post.
  11. powerkiter

    powerkiter Android Expert

    When you say "Play with it" do you mean the rooting/debranding or just tweaking the look?

    If you mean rooting then most folk dont want to void the warranty on the phone and to be fair Android was not just aimed at the sort of geeks that sit in a darkened room typing code into their PC all day. It was also aimed at the general public who want to have a phone to send emails texts and make a phone call.

    After all it's a phone :D
  12. Merolas

    Merolas Android Enthusiast

    i chose it first of all for the look and the lack of iOs... i wanted to jump the smart bangwagon but not with any phone. It was either that of a non-smart with a Ipod for my music so if i can do both with one device it's better!
  13. powerkiter

    powerkiter Android Expert

    SO was my old LG KC910 a smart phone?

    It could take a 16gb card and had the best camera I have used on a phone could play back MP3's MP4's and WMV's, it could record in 120fps had a xenon flash and even had built in dolby sound enhancer like the HTC Desire HD and it would plug strait into a TV to watch films and any captured videos.

    Oh it even had widgets to place on the home screen..

    In fact apart from having access to a greater amount of apps I feel like I downgraded when I got the X10.
  14. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    I mean start it up and go through the menus, settings ect, find out what does what, instead of taking to the internet to find out the most basic of things. Modding and stuff comes later.
  15. powerkiter

    powerkiter Android Expert

    LOL I was kinda aiming that one at the OP'er in relation to his title and wording in their first post.
  16. erixon

    erixon Newbie

    I bought this phone for the 8.1MP camera, so I can take pictures with your mom, please do not take offense.
  17. powerkiter

    powerkiter Android Expert

    I doubt he will as your mums is round his filching him :D
  18. erixon

    erixon Newbie

  19. powerkiter

    powerkiter Android Expert

    Sorry "felching"

    My bad :D
  20. sonspot

    sonspot Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Its funny you mentioned that, last week a friend I was at a rogers store to pickup a iphone 4 ( he was so horny for this phone lol), a lady was ahead of him, its so sad when they dumb down the sale on a smartphone, the sales rep basically told her how to do everything on the phone (wasted a lot of time wtf we were thinking), anyhow when you got his phone he basically said I'll just play with it and figure things out lol

    no no, the porn was already on the HDD, the xbox was already open so I figured upgrade the drive too and the only one I could spare was my 80gb filled with porn, I formated the drive with the new OS, hence the sad day lol :( hahaha..
  21. sonspot

    sonspot Newbie
    Thread Starter

    lol, I'm a shutter bug myself I dont like taking my DSLR with me everywhere with lens and what not, so with this phone I dont need to buy a point and shot cam,.. seriously why you bring up old $hit about my moms lol..
  22. erixon

    erixon Newbie

    I thought it was as current as last night, hardly old. I'm talkin DOWNTOWN! but seriously, I love other peoples moms.
  23. erixon

    erixon Newbie

    powerkiter, dont post ever again, i like your post total.

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