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Why do I get a notification from Chrome every time I get a Facebook, Gmail, etc notification?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sheila Mitchell, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Sheila Mitchell

    Thread Starter

    Every time I get a Facebook or Gmail (and a couple others) notification, I get the same one from Chrome. I think it has to do with syncing, but not sure. It's irritating. If it is sync, what will not happen if I unsync Google? In other words, what all does sync do as far as Google?

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Because while you were using it, Chrome would have asked you if you wanted to allow notifications for those sites. You probably just didn't read and just clicked allow.

    It's in Chrome's settings. 3dots>settings>site settings>notifications.
  3. Sheila Mitchell

    Thread Starter

    Thank you. Can you tell me what *embedded in means? I cleared and reset, buut will it continue because it's "embedded in"?
  4. Marine_0311

    Marine_0311 Lurker

    Sheila, hello there this stormy night from my area..
    I believe a very large % of mobile device owners don't even know or maybe do not care about their device's settings.
    I am not even trying to say you in that % but as Android/Chrome OS migrates from Android ~4.4 to 9.0 & Chrome ~50 to near term 70 on mobile devices.
    GOOGLE open source code platform is moving the old Android basic settings into deeper & less accessible menu options.
    This migration has it's + & -.

    Gmail -> really any third party App go into the settings & turn off or reduce # of notifications(NF). Done
    On Facebook(FB) go into the Settings(ST). Reduce the # of notifactions(NF)/day to 1, maybe 0 now but I doubt it.

    Side note: I personally am not & never have been FB or other social media member but LinkIn(closed now) I have been to FB ST too many times because my wife is not technically adapt, so I fixed the same ? from her about FB NF & similar type ?'s on FB & most of the other social sites on her phone or Tablet.

    If you never been into FB ST, I would strongly recommend getting a technically inclined friend or co--worker to show you where FB ST is, it is a NOT a place to do guesswork. The ST have a lot of items.
    I would either take screenshots or take copious notes.
    I seems to me FB ST format is extremely over complex for what could be a simple setting layout.
    It seems every time FB updates the OS, the ST defaults back to the old wide open ST like 'friends of friends' or 'public'. It may only seem to be that way to me but I know I have repeatedly return FB ST to where I previously set them.

    FB & it''s Messenger are ROM Pigs & RAM Killers. Use KNOX every day or every 4 hours of heavy use or some heavy hitter Device Manager because KNOX might just be on Samsung devices.

    I actually have deleted her phone# in FB ST. Just because it wants your phone # for absolutely necessary info. REALLY! No website must have your phone # unless it's financial oriented & then a cell# because it's easily blocked when & if.
    Call me paranoid but there are some knowledge this Combat Marine don't give out, then I got my Engineering B.S. degrees. In Combat & in the Corporate world as a Engineer there are a lot of discussions/communications where you got to fill wide blanks to basically protect all in the loop from going actually killed or killing promotion potential or job.
    Don't Unsycn Google!!, that is your visible interface to your Android Processor & Unsycn is a Slippery Slope is only one or two steps from making lovely Android device a brick/bookend or needing a virtual ER room.

    I personally just go to ->settings/Apps(it may be slightly worded, if you can't find read your virtual user manual that you must goggle & then download to PDF) & turn off individual NF's except for alarm clock, etc.

    Mechanical + Thermodynamics Engineer & then learned to code in Basic+, C++ from a EE friend @ his home ,etc because you never could find an EE or CS to do the software aspect of my design projects or else they code it in 7x11 or some complex personal time saving format when I wanted it 1x4 or similar format for me, construction electricians & then our maintenance personnel. I rewrote them all on my own time because I believed it was the right way to write for everyone's benefit.

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