Android Enthusiast
Jun 29, 2010
I noticed yesterday that I had a number of apps appearing in the list of running apps (the list you get with Settings --> Application --> Manage Applications --> Running tab). I had replaced the battery only an hour earlier and I had not opened most of them. A few were obviously system programs, but many were not (eg. AndReader, AudioBooks, carhome, Chase Bank, etc.).

I would think that starting up would be a bit slower if the Droid has to open all these programs, and I usually wind up re-booting once a day to swap batteries (I use the Kindle app to read several hours a day).

Anyone know what's going on?
Carhome is a system program and opened on startup
you could use a taskkiller to take care of some of them, but really, you're probably only delaying yourself by another 30 seconds on reboot, max
I use Startup Cleaner, but most of the programs I saw don't appear in the listing. And some of the others are programs I've downloaded, so I'm sure they are not system.