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Why do you use Handcent and not ChompSMS?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Deleted User, May 25, 2010.

  1. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
    Thread Starter

    I used to be a Handcent user and recently switched to ChompSMS. I couldn't be happier with my decision.

    It's much faster, much prettier, and has all the features I need or want.

    I just don't understand why Handcent seems to be the more popular SMS app.

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  2. thenestor

    thenestor Android Expert

    I've tried both, but I use Handcent for one reason: I like its popup window better.
  3. graywolferis1

    graywolferis1 Member

    I hate handcent, ugly name, ugly icon, Slow.
  4. rick311

    rick311 Android Enthusiast

    the only comparison i can think of is: handcent = iphone, chomp = android.

    i used handcent for an hour (if that) before switching to chomp and i havent looked back since!
  5. xScorch Muffinx

    xScorch Muffinx Well-Known Member

    I've tried both, and the customization of Handcent was more so than Chompsms. I like the choice of choosing the way the texts show up. (e.i. Iphone, Android, Handcent)
  6. srmccoy

    srmccoy Well-Known Member

    I've tried both Handcent and ChompSMS, but stick with Handcent personally. ChompSMS has that ugly add bar at the top, and if you want to get rid of it, you have to pay $3.50 to get rid of it. $3.50 and you don't get anything except the removal of the add bar. Terrible.

    To top it all off, it has maybe half the features of Handcent.
  7. BlueDC2

    BlueDC2 Android Enthusiast

    Because someone skinned a few aspects of handcent to match the blue swype trail (the area around text boxes, the grey color, etc.) just for me =D

    I have the .apk if anyone wants it.
  8. emunny

    emunny Member

    Yeah handscent is way better I don't know how people could use chomp it lacks so much and plus that ad bar is so annoying makes it look ugly. So my opinion is pick handscent over chomp you wont regret it.

    Sent from my Eris using Tapatalk
  9. adrenalinerush12

    adrenalinerush12 Well-Known Member

    Well. I like Handcent for it's customizations and options, but Chomp's widget is pretty nice. If you want a pretty basic messaging app, go with default Android messaging. Not HTC's but stock Android. I ported it so it will install and work on an unrooted phone running 2.1. Any of the leaks.


    And you're welcome BlueDC2. I think I did that. I can't even remember now.
  10. SirEagle

    SirEagle Android Enthusiast

    Never tried Chomps. Someone suggested Handcent and I like it so no need to try anything different.

    Your avatar reminds me of the Unibomber police sketches. Not sure you know of him though.
  11. emunny

    emunny Member

    The only way I'll use that mms app is if the double received message gets fixed any idea on when that's gonna be fixed

    Sent from my Eris using Tapatalk
  12. adrenalinerush12

    adrenalinerush12 Well-Known Member

    I doubt it will. It's not really that annoying. It's not like it notifies you twice, just for some reason shows up twice when you look in the thread. It's so much smoother than any other mms app, but I mean if it bothers you.

    It's not an app problem, because I've ported about 10 different versions that work perfectly on other phones. The problem lies within the HTC messaging app with the combination of the stock Android mms app. It's showing up twice in Handcent, Chomp, HTC, and stock Android as long as it's installed.

    I believe it could be fixed changing the code up a bit so it won't deliver messages with the HTC app and this app, that's why two is showing up. I'm just not that skilled with it, and I can't find where the problem is at exactly.
  13. theEastonator

    theEastonator Newbie

    Last time I tried Chomp, I couldn't get it to light my trackball for notifications, whereas Handcent can. Has this been fixed?
  14. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I Photoshopped myself to look like that sketch. Pretty cool, huh?
  15. thenestor

    thenestor Android Expert

    Nope, still LED only.
  16. Been with Handcent since I first tried it. I gave Chomp a try shortly after giving handcent a try, but wasn't a fan.
  17. BlueDC2

    BlueDC2 Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, I was going to link to the thread if anyone wanted it. Giving redit where credit is due, it looks sooo clean!
  18. Cajun83

    Cajun83 Well-Known Member

    Buddy of mine told me about handcent when I first picked up my eris a few weeks back and have been using it since. Works fine for me.
  19. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut?
    VIP Member

    The feel of it.
    I can just feel it, Y'know?
  20. Romparoo

    Romparoo Android Enthusiast

    I have tried both, just installed Chomp today.

    -very customizable
    -unread count
    -pop up

    -can't resize pictures to send SMS, I always have to send pictures via stock Messages

    -can set lock screen so only you can access your messages
    -don't have to worry about pictures resizing

    -ads do make it look cheap
    -no unread count

    To each their own.
  21. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut?
    VIP Member

    Handcent resizes my photos just fine.
  22. Romparoo

    Romparoo Android Enthusiast

    Good to hear it works well for someone else, might be the case for everyone else. For my wife and I we can never get it to resize the pictures correctly, just goes thru the motions of resizing it and then says it is still too big to send. So then we always have to send it out via stock Messages, go figure.
  23. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut?
    VIP Member

    Have you tried the settings option to "limit message size" to a larger size? I thinly thats what did it for me... if I remember right.
  24. KyleBlowers

    KyleBlowers Newbie

    Resize works fine for me. I've been using handcent since December, faithfully. Love it!

    @Romparoo - I, however, consistently have it fail to resize any pic I've taken at maximum high level settings. Try taking a pic at like 3M or 1M and see if you can send it.

    Otherwise, PicSayPro is a nice and FREE alternative with a swift resize/crop feature.
  25. cmajpwc

    cmajpwc Android Enthusiast

    I've had problems with Handcent keeping my phone awake. I would consider that a con to be added to this list.

    And, there is an unread count in Chomp. Go into Chomp, Menu>Settings>Notifications>Notification Icon Count. That will display the number of unread messages you have.

    I will gladly pay (and did) the three dollars for getting rid of the Chomp ads. It's giving the developer reason to keep making the app better, if he keeps making it better he keeps getting more money.

    I just had problems with Handcent. I liked the trackball lighting up, but that's really the only thing I miss from Handcent. I never used the pop up feature, and it turned my screen on if my phone was asleep, which I use with Chomp anyways. Besides, there are ads in Handcent in the menus. Maybe that was why the battery drained and the phone stayed awake? Some glitch with the ads in the menus updating or something?

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