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General Why do you want 4.0 on your photon?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gogators1974, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. Gogators1974

    Thread Starter

    First the screen is going to be concederably smaller due to the 4.0 permanent icons. Take a look at the galaxy nexus. It only has 4 in of viewing. And a big waste of space on the phone. You will lose 1/4 screen viewing on your phone. Even if you hv a different launcher you still hv the icons that will not go away. Second the photon has not sold very well and advertisered as well as it should hv been and that is sprints fault. This is the best phone on sprint, due to signal strength. If your phone cant pick up a signal nothing will wk. Plus the tegra 2 is tge best. Ill put this phone up to anyother which i hv and its the best. And google is not going to push an update to something that hasnt sold well. Its called sales and marketing business. And sprint ****ed this up. So make a choice bitch and moan for an update and im sure ull regret it. If ya want 4.0 download a launcher or a theme or port it over. I hv and all 3 wk.


  2. busted bones

    busted bones Android Enthusiast

    It will be interesting to see if the soft keys are ported over or not. It would be better if the legacy devices updating to it could avoid it. As it would be redundant and pointless. I want it for the updates that come with, some of which are security updates, graphic acceleration, and the new features obviously.
  3. Gogators1974

    Thread Starter

    They are ported over... Your goin to lose about 3/4 of an in of screen... Thats why ill never accept the update
  4. simcha

    simcha Android Enthusiast

    Crap, this is bad news.
  5. p1bump

    p1bump Lurker

    I want 4.0 because of what i've read in the webOS forums from my palm pre days... in that it will be the best at multitasking I can find, that is to say the closest thing to what we enjoyed from our old palms. I sure do miss that OS.... sigh...
  6. waterwalk

    waterwalk Lurker

    I expect the Nexus Prime to be exclusive just to make sales numbers grow as the only phone with ICS. Then after the sales start dying down it would be ported to other devices. I would love multitasking instead of trying to find the app I accidentally closed due to the home button being pressed. I haven't read all the information but eh I can wait. Still learning about how to use the photon.
  7. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    I never owned a Palm Pre, but I've noticed many former owners mentioning that function. Can anybody give me an example of an instance where the multitasking would come into play and how they'd go about accomplishing that on the Palm Pre? I'm just curious to know exactly how that was accomplished and why it's that much better than any other OS.
  8. BanterandRant

    BanterandRant Member

    The only thing I miss from webOS is multitasking using "cards" - My example- I could be composing an email or a message such as this in one "card" , I could minimize it, open up another app, say a website, contacts, etc. Select and copy something from it, swipe back to the email "card" maximize it and paste the info into it. Somethimes I would swipe back and forth a half a dozen times looking foe different pieces of info.

    And it was great to be able to leave multiple cards open all the time too. Granted this isn't as needed with Android's 5 home screens and the use of widgets - but, I would love to be able to have multiple "live" always updating cards (apps) open at once.

    Oh, and magnetic induction "touchstone" charging - plugging in charging cables and fidgeting with docking connection is SO 20th century!

  9. Skrillex

    Skrillex Android Enthusiast

    I believe ICS is better optimized for dual core processors and will increase speed and battery life. If we simply lose or trade out the permanent icons the Photon comes with stock who cares? The icons go away when you game or watch video which is the only time you really "need" a large screen. Just mho...
  10. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    I see. Well, in the case of being able to open a browser, while in the middle of composing an email, you can still technically accomplish a similar task with Android (without the minimizing capabilities). In order to do that, these are the steps you'd need to take:
    1-Draft email
    2-Tap Softkey HOME button
    3-Open Browser
    4-Copy whatever it is you needed to copy
    5-Hold Softkey HOME button
    6-Tap Browser when the "last used apps" window comes up
    7-Paste whatever you wanted in the email you were composing.

    Granted, this process has a few more steps, but it's not that much more and still very managable.

    As for the cordless charging, that was definitely a cool function that I saw with my friend's old Palm Pre. For me, I just feel like the technology isn't quite there yet where that functionality has a higher probability of not working at some point and the last thing I'd want is to not be able to charge my phone. Actually, it's one of the things that my friend had to bring his Palm Pre in for, along with the slider always breaking because of the plastic casing. He had to bring his Palm Pre in 5-6 times and got 4 replacements of that phone. Some concepts were very good, but execution was poor.
  11. BanterandRant

    BanterandRant Member

    Touchstone charging was flawless - I had 5 of them - desk, nighstand, car, office desk, travel - slap it down - hear the swoosh sound - know it was charging - 2.5 years - as Bill-o would say "never a mis-communication"

    I'll say it again, for my money - cards and magnetic induction charging, (which has been around for decades charging toothbrushes evey night without fail - same exact technology), are the only things I would love Google and Motorola incorporate into Android "Jelly Bean" (next up after ICS) ...and I sure hope the Photon gets ICS, as it incorporates alot of webOS design features thanks to mr. Duarte (not sure I'e got his name right) , who was involved with the feature set and design of webOS and abandond that sinking ship 2 years ago.

    The Palm Pre was the first phone I absolutly loved (and I'm an old fart and have every phone since my first - the moto bag phone - they all, including the Photon, were just tools - the Pre was more.

    That said, this Photon is great - power, features, apps, great battery life... - it is amazeingly useful - it's not perfect - but works 10 times better than the Pre - but, it still just feels like a tool - the Pre felt like my Star Trek.communicator. :)
  12. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    Yeah, I definitely understand how the multi-tasking might have been more fluid for sure after your explanation. Just wanted to be sure that those who weren't familiar with that functionality (and also came over from the Pre), knew that there was a way to multi-task, even if not as fluid.

    It's funny because I was seriously considering getting the Palm Pre when it was released, but I wasn't eligible for upgrade at that time, so I waited to see how Android developed (didn't like the Hero or the Moment). Once the EVO was being talked about, that's when I jumped from Windows Mobile to Android. It was a big risk because I hated full touchscreen phones...until the EVO. After a few months with the EVO, I realized how much more beneficial it would be to have increased internal storage, memory, and still want the same components that the EVO offered...which is why I got the Photon.

    Getting back on topic, that's part of the reason I'm wanting Ice Cream Sandwich. No matter what, I'll be using a secondary launcher (likely will move to Go Launcher when ICS is released), so the screen part won't bother me. The other enhancements are what I'm looking forward to with regards to ICS, so hopefully the Photon does get upgraded (never thought there'd be a question on that, but we'll see now).
  13. apinkel

    apinkel Android Enthusiast

    This goes against what I had heard about ICS. I'd heard that ICS supports legacy hardware buttons... if the device has buttons they will be used instead of using the on-screen buttons.
  14. BanterandRant

    BanterandRant Member

    I thought I read the same thing - haven't a clue where, though. Wouldn't think it would be too tough to support hardware buttons.

    I'm noticing all the apps I have are all being updated to work w/ ICS, (no hardware buttons), and they all still work on the Photon - I bet it we'll be fine.

    Although, I doub!t we will actually see ICS on the Phonton till next Fall, based on all the older phones that will be updated first.

    Brief off topic comment - ICS supports NFC which the Photon does not have.... I'm hoping for a Photon II w/ NFC and I want them to call it the Photon Phazer (after all, NFC is kinda like "beaming") ;-) ....yeah I'm old Star Trek geek.

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  15. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor
    VIP Member

    That would be a cool name for the next Generation Photon. :D

    TS out (LLAP)

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