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Why does an image appear blurry on a hdpi screen when it has been alloted the max possible pixels

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Devang Shah, Aug 13, 2020.

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    I want to put a 40 X 40 DP icon somewhere on my app's screen. Now according to the ratio (3:4:6:8:12:16) of 6 different logical buckets, I have provided an icon(.png file) with different sizes in 6 different drawable folders.

    In my case, the icon sizes must be "MDPI = 40 X 40 PX, HDPI = 60 X 60 PX, XHDPI = 80 X 80 PX and so on" to maintain the same quality across devices at 40 X 40 DP.

    After doing so, I'm testing the app on a device with an HDPI screen, which means it should look into the "drawable-HDPI" folder and render an image that basically fills up all the pixels (60 px in a space that has 60px(based on the screen)). But somehow, the icon appears blurry.

    What went wrong here !?

    Meanwhile, I tried putting an icon with much higher pixels(512 x 512 PX) in the HDPI folder and it renders with high quality.

    The only confusion is - Despite filling out all the pixels contained in 40 DP on an HDPI display, how an image with more pixels(512) has better quality?


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