Why does yahoo never work

I'm pretty smart when it comes to using Smartphones, and I've had a few friends and family members complain to me about their yahoo emails and how they are always being signed out of it. And sometimes they can't even log back into it on the default app. Sometimes I recommend that they just change their password and that does the trick. So my question is..Does everyone come across these issues with Yahoo? I'm thinking it's more of a yahoo email service issue than it is with smartphones.


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Yahoo Mail and updates have been stable for me in at least the last six months. I have 3 email accounts and am always signed in. I use a galaxy wifi only tablet formerly 3.2, updated to 4.1.2. Emails are pushed when wifi is on. No problems deleting. In one of the updates, the conversation mode was added. I switched the conversation setting off and it disappeared; I have no way to turn conversation back on, but I don't mind.


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Yahoo's mail service has been down for me and thousands of others since shortly after midnight last night. Their Yahoo Mail Facebook page is getting blown up as well as the status page at isitdownrightnow.com. It's really pissing me off. Almost 24 hours without email access.


Possibly it's Yahoo!...couple of my friends who use it have been complaining that they can't get in recently. I suggested that they switch to Gmail. OP, you're not in a country that might be blocking it sometimes are you?

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Try setting the Browser as desktop, and logging in from there on the regular web page.
Mail has been strange since Yahoo dorked with it.