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Why Dxtop is the best home replacment.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by pinesal, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. pinesal

    pinesal Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm writing this because I see a lot of people using Home++ or GDE and I admit I have them installed too, even purchased GDE but I find myself always going back to Dxtop. But it seems hardly anyone uses it I think I know why.

    Most of the options and cool things the app does are not obvious. I will attempt to explain it's unique features and why I think it's the best.

    Ok the first thing you notice when you start it, is the two tab interface, one tab is your "regular" apps tab, the other is a tab of currently open and recently used apps. I find the most useful thing about the second tab is when you try out a newly installed app for the first time, you like it and you want to put the icon on the desktop somewhere. Instead of searching through all your apps to find it, it will be at the top of the recently used apps tap.

    A complaint dxtop gets alot is the dual tab system. People just don't like seeing two tabs for some reason. Well you can hide the tabs by sliding them to the left or right, a bonus is this reveals dxtop's app dock. In the place where your tabs used to be, you now have space to put your favorite 5 apps or if you have any 1x1 widgets, they can go into the dock to. You can customize the dock's color and transparency. With the tabs gone you can access them by long pressing the menu key for apps tab and back key for open and recent tab.

    The "regular" tab is more than meets the eye as well, when you open the apps tab and press menu, you get some extra sorting option for the tab. You can sort alphabetically, by size, by last installed or by category that you set yourself.

    When you long press and icon in the tab and drop it without moving it, a context menu will pop up asking you if you want to change the category with other options to uninstall, locate on market and view app info. This context menu can also be used with icons on the desktop giving you the option to rename the shortcut, change the icon as well as the uninstall and info options.

    Sadly, dxtop only has 4 screens. They are laid out in a unique diamond shape. It is laid out like this so that all screens are only one swipe away no matter which screen you are one. A swipe left always takes you to the left screen, a swipe up always takes you to the top screen etc.

    Dxtop supports themes and can use themes designed other for dxtop, ahome or open home, giving you lots of options.

    My favorite features are the category sorting in the app drawer and the app dock which is persistent on all screens.

    I hope this will at least encourage people to try dxtop.

    Oh and I don't work for them, I'm just a fan.

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  2. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    I'm one of those using Home++. I did purchase dxTop and used it for a day or two, but at the time I didn't find it any more useful than the other ones, it just crashed less. Lots of good information here. Perhaps if I get sick of Home++ I'll reinstall it and give it another chance. It's definitely better than OpenHome or PandaHome, from what I remember.
  3. phwaap

    phwaap Member

    Before I made the leap to dxTop, home++ was my choice as well. But dxTop has three key advantages for me at least.

    The biggest advantage for me is the single swipe to any screen. I don't see how any of the other homes can challenge dxTop's efficiency in this respect. I've tried other home's countless screens but really never liked having to swipe multiple times to get to some distant screen. Not taking advantage of vertical navigation seems to me a big drawback in other homes.

    Being able to put exactly the apps you want in dxTop's dock makes it far more useful than something like home++'s power strip. I don't want voice command, search (already a hard button for it), or the duplicated phone/contacts, bookmarks/browser, etc. Yes, I can uncheck them but there's really no alternative.

    The other tipping point for me is native app categories and being able to hide apps I'll never use from view (though I can't recall how many other homes do this as well.) It makes the app tab more intuitive and quicker to browse if you like that method. But even better are the category folders. I can have half a screen of folders, categorized after my own tastes, that give me single click (non-scrolling) access to an app. For me this completely eliminates the need for tons of screens with icons scattered on them. The remaining screens can be used for widgets.

    dxTop certainly has some room for improvement. I'd like to see the ability to replace the tabs with something else (considering the long press on back and menu), screen wrapping between the two horizontal and vertical screens, and a better task tab layout (I like home++'s layout much better for example.) But for my purposes no home has enabled me to use the device better.
  4. superdesi

    superdesi Android Enthusiast

    I've been highly considering making the switch to dxtop but two things are mainly stopping me one being the price and the other bring only 4 home screens.

    But I do have some questions/request:

    1. How stable is dxtop? How often do you get force closes or crashes or dxtop resetting? I've used pandahome and home++ extensively and BOTH suffered from crashes and force closes like no other. Home++ especially started acting up when I installed Apps organizer to implement categories like dxtop with custom icon images. So I switched to the stock app since it is the most stable.

    2. In regard to the categories, can one change the image of the icon to their liking or are you stuck with the dxtop icons? Apps organizer lets me do this which is why i prefer using it.

    3. Also can you use Apps organizer with dxtop no problems? Pandahome and home++ both suffered when I installed apps organizer and I absolutely love the custom images so I dont want to uninstall it (unless dxtop has the option to install custom images)

    4. Can you provide some screenshots of the dock feature? Also, if the two bottom tabs are removed when the dock is in use, is there any easy access to them if one wishes or would you have to remove the dock in order to see them again? Also, if the dock is removed and brought back, does it retain ur previous widgets/apps on it or do you have to start over from scratch again?

    5. I read about the cutting up of wallpapers? So does that mean wallpapers don't "scroll" like they do in the stock home or home++? Or do wallpapers retain their look?

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer them :D
  5. pinesal

    pinesal Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Your welcome.
  6. superdesi

    superdesi Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for the quick response! Heres another round?

    How often does the dev update? Is he quick to respond to emails? I'm just trying to justify the $2.99 price.

    Also, the dock, is it kinda floating above the homescreen obscuring the view or is it like a static component on each screen similar to the way the home++ dock operated?
  7. pinesal

    pinesal Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    dxTop: dxTop : Android Home Alternative there is their website, it has some screens. The dock is the five icons across the bottom. It persists across all the screen. If you're not sure if you want to spend the money, remember you have 24 hours to get a refund. The market doesn't even charge your account for 24 hours.

    As far as updates, I recently emailed the devs about a problem with the category size and DROID and the next day they updated the app and fixed the problem. Pretty good if you ask me.
  8. superdesi

    superdesi Android Enthusiast

    Well I went ahead and got it and it seems good so far! I love how they have a reskinned iphone style slide to unlock mechanism. Though since I have pattern lock, I have to first slide to unlock and then unlock the pattern and there seems to be a slight stutter/delay in order to do that but nothing to unbearable or even noticeable. so far Apps organizer is working great and no crashes yet! Actually had another app crash on me before dxtop did, which was rare during my home++ panda days. will continue to play around with it some more.

    After taking a closer look, the slide to unlock screen sometimes will bypass my pattern lock ENTIRELY. Also, when I slide to unlock and am presented to my pattern unlock screen, the option to make an emergency call has been removed. finally, when I awaken my phone, the pattern lock screen shows first then the slide to unlock screen pops up on top. Seems like a bit of an issue.

    edit: i did find the option to turn off the dxtop lock screen (aka the iphone style slide to unlock me) which solved my problems but I would rather like to use the dxtop lock screen with the patten unlock. o well
  9. pinesal

    pinesal Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I just turn the Dxtop lock screen off. I've used a few different lock screen replacement and they all have problems.
  10. Barbara

    Barbara Android Expert

    Home++ had another update tonight. (Actually there were a TON of updates by apps tonight....makes me think the next OS update might be coming sooner than Jan.) Anyway, the wallpaper now loops without the crease. Nice! I'm not sure what else was fixed but for a free app, so far it has been great!
  11. pinesal

    pinesal Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Honestly, I really like Home++ but it doesn't let you sort the app drawer.
  12. Barbara

    Barbara Android Expert

    I have apps organizer for that. I never open the drawer.
  13. pinesal

    pinesal Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Does Apps Organizer keep apps organized across home apps? In other words do it's setting's persist if you switch home apps or do you have to re-organize?
  14. superdesi

    superdesi Android Enthusiast

    Its settings persist. You just have to add the folder to the new home app you are using.
  15. pinesal

    pinesal Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Wow, apps organizer is pretty fantastic actually. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  16. joneee

    joneee Well-Known Member

    People need to understand there's no "best" home app out there!! Its all based on preference and the way an individual uses his/her phone. For some people home++ will work and some won't. Some will use gde or dxtop or openhome or panda. I've used most of them but ended up with Home++ because it WORKS FOR ME.

    That's not to say that the others suck. By no means am I saying Home++ is superior than the rest. It just so happens that I prefer it for the moment. Its the best app for ME but may not be the best for you.

    Get it out of your head that the app YOU choose is the best app for EVERYONE. Its all based on that person's preference and for you to say dxtop is the best would be the same as someone saying the Droid is better than the iphone and blackberry. They all have their strengths, weaknesses, and different target markets.
  17. superdesi

    superdesi Android Enthusiast

    Well I disagree with you there. The other home screen apps truly did SUCK for me because they had major issues with force closing and crashing almost constantly. Therefore, when I saw the thread title best home replacement app, it truly did peak my interest. Granted I see what your saying that each offers different features but the more I experimented and read at what people wanted, the more I realized that we all want common things implemented. For example a dock with common apps, more screens, and less crashing are the top requests. The more I read from other peoples posts I also began to see that everyone was more or less into the "clean" look and didnt want app shortcuts cluttering pretty wallpaper space.

    So all in all, I think there is a valid point of the best home replacement app. Since android development seems pretty young, all these home screen devs seem to be racing to incorporate the major common requests while at the same time having their one unique aspect. After all, who wants to be a copycat?
  18. joneee

    joneee Well-Known Member

    Maybe you just have a bad Droid. I hardly ever get a fc with Home++. Maybe once or twice a week at most. And even then, all it does it take 15 seconds for the app to reload.
  19. superdesi

    superdesi Android Enthusiast

    LOL maybe, though I doubt I could get an exchange if I told VZW about me woes.

    Actually I think I figured it out. I use like 10+ widgets at times and it seems that the Droid memory cant handle the homescreen app AND all those widgets at the same time. Therefore, Pandahome and Home++ force closed and crashed. I even noticed DxTop "refreshing" itself everytime I hit the home button.

    Nonetheless, I switched to Launcher+ now, so no more dealing with all the extra junk that homescreen apps bring along with them. I got all the screenz I need fo ma Widgets! :cool:

    (with less memory usage as well!)
  20. clozer

    clozer Lurker

    I have heard there are issues with DX Top with redrawing the widgets when loaded. Is this a problem those of you that are using it have experienced? Hearing this has made me worry about buying.
  21. phwaap

    phwaap Member

    Never a problem here but I only use three or so widgets.
  22. superdesi

    superdesi Android Enthusiast

    I had a problem with that. It wasn't too bad since it didnt take THAT long but it was enough of an issue for me to return it. I figure that if I'm going to buy an homescreen app, I want it to be as flawless as possible (except for the occasional but rare glitches).

    I eventually switched to Launcher+, which has been okay so far.
  23. clozer

    clozer Lurker

    I totally agree. That is why I didnt want to get it yet. It has some cool functions but it isnt working right. So I will wait. Thanks for the info.
  24. phwaap

    phwaap Member

    Which widget(s) did you have problems with and what were the symptoms? I don't see any mass reporting of widget problems on the dxtop forums. As of yesterday it sounded like you hadn't even tried dxtop by your questions, at least not for any extensive period of time.
  25. agent0014

    agent0014 Android Enthusiast

    Has anyone had a problem where the DxTop themes aren't reskinning the tabs? I was using the demo for a few days and it would reskin the tabs just fine, but then when I uninstalled it and installed the paid version, it's not changing them with new themes. Anyone else experiencing this?

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