Help Why external microphone doesnt work on some Androids (like LG G5)

I dont know if it's a hardware problem.

I used 4 pin external mic on my LG G5:


(this mic actually has only 2 working wires - 3rd an 4th rings are connected to MIC, and top 1st and 2nd rings are not connected to anything, they are just empty).

when I use them on my android LG G5, i can record from this microhpone very well (phone sees it), but when i connect output from external Wireless receiver ( which exactly outputs microphone voice/audio on the same 3rd and 4th rings:


, then my phone cant see the voice from such applicance...

(however, when i connect headset into that receiver, i hear voice in headphones).

So, receiver outputs the voice correctly, but why LG G5 cant see that case?
The interesting thing is that my another android phone (Motorola Turbo 2 ) can obtain voice from that line well...

I am a bit technician and tried to manually cut & connect lines to every possible combination, but in none of the case the LG G5 can obtain the voice from appliance... any help is appreciated