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Why get an Epic (or Evo) now?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MrFlipside, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. MrFlipside

    MrFlipside Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I joined the Sprint family about a month ago with a HTC Touch Pro 2 with WinMo 6.5. My reason was that I didn't want to become a slave to the Google Empire. Well, my previous experience with Microsoft Products should have taught me a lesson, because I quickly became familiar with the reset button on the Touch Pro 2. I had to disable Sense to get the hardware to work, so I'm stuck with plain vanilla WinMo 6.5 for the interface. :mad:

    Because of the Microsoft experience, I've decided to take the plunge into the Android OS and Google's web... So, I've been considering my options, lurking on this site, and the various forums for the HTC EVO 4G and the Samsung Epic... Currently, making a decision between the two is coin toss, as they both have their strengths / weaknesses and pro's / con's.

    I see both devices as being the bleeding edge of the breed, and that in itself is my biggest concern. The EVO is just now transitioning to 2.2... The Epic is launching with 2.1 and [hopefully] will get 2.2 soon. Then, as I understand it, 3.0 is coming by the end of the year. NO confirmation exists if either platforms will be 3.0 friendly...

    I really like the Epic, which is why I'm posting in this forum. The slider of the Touch Pro 2 was a major selling point for me to begin with. Yes, it's a potential weak spot in any such design, but I do like to see what's on the screen while I'm typing. The flipside is that when you're not typing, the 4.3" EVO screen has more viewing area...

    So, long story short, why get either of these devices NOW, vs. waiting a few months for something even better? While the EVO has been out for a few months, the Epic is going to be a 'Rev A' unit when it comes out 8/31/10, and I have no interest in being a guinea pig. Been there, done that - too often...

    A new OS is due, faster processors (2GHz is knocking on the door), form factors, features, etc... So, why buy an Epic (or an Evo) now?

  2. kristv

    kristv Well-Known Member

    Kinda sounds like you've answered your own question. With newer phones knocking on the door by the end of the year, if you can put up with your current phone for a while you might just want to stick it out and upgrade to something else?

    For me and my family, the timing is going to suck for us as well. Our AT&T contract is up on Nov. 8th (or when we pay our bill which is usually the 3rd of the month). So we'll be in the same sort of boat. The Evo will be that much older and the Epic will have been out 3 months and have any bugs worked out (I'm assuming). So, do we hold off a month or two, pay more for our contract with AT&T while getting less benefit and continue using our current crappy 2-year-old phones, or do we bite the bullet and pic up the Evo/Epic and try to be happy with our decision?

    I think it's safe to say that my family is fed up with AT&T's service and pricing, as well as our phones. So we're likely going to make the change as soon as it becomes possible. We'll just have to live with that decision. I'm thinking I'll be plenty happy with an Epic for at least a year, but we're all different and you might not feel the same way.
  3. cause i'm out of contract and ready for an upgrade. if i like you was past my 30 day return policy and have to pay full price, i would wait or maybe pick up a used hero (or moment) to tide me over.
  4. robl45

    robl45 Well-Known Member

    the number one reason is because there will always be something better, every month there is a better phone, are you going to wait forever? I've been waiting 3 years. finally found a phone that is decent for what i need so I'm buying it.
  5. rasstar

    rasstar Member

    Why on earth did you get a touch pro 2? That phone hardware is older than dirt.
  6. MrFlipside

    MrFlipside Newbie
    Thread Starter

    1) Didn't want to be a slave to the Google Empire (it's a WinMo phone)
    2) Had a nice slider keyboard (big fingers)
    3) Was available from the carrier of choice ($$$/feature/plan)

    Net result: :(
  7. ragnarokx

    ragnarokx Well-Known Member

    Are we sure the Epic chip is Rev A only or is it compatible with Rev B also?
  8. MrFlipside

    MrFlipside Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Caution: I didn't mean to imply any chip or communication protocol / format specific 'revision'. I meant to convey that the entire handset when it comes out will be new, perhaps buggy and perhaps require modifications in future 'versions' to make corrections.
  9. Phantom_LS2

    Phantom_LS2 Well-Known Member

    There will always be something newer, better, and faster just around the corner.

    There is no point in holding out for the latest and greatest because you'll never get a phone.

    Just go and get either of these phones and be happy with it.
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  10. Squiggoth

    Squiggoth Newbie

    Two notes:
    Last I checked the "Microsoft Empire" is just as bad/has as many issues as the Google Empire.
    Are you seriously asking if these newer phones will be Android 3.0 compatible? They're some of the only phones that I think it makes sense to guarantee will be compatible. I'd understand the previous generation not (Moment/Hero) but if the newest Android phones on the Sprint market are incompatible, there is a major cluster about to happen. Don't be silly, of course both will be compatible.
  11. MrFlipside

    MrFlipside Newbie
    Thread Starter

    As I understand it, a focus of 3.0 is that it's supposed to level the playing field in terms of UI. In that vein, why would HTC/Samsung make it available to their legacy products if it's in conflict with Sense/Touch Wiz? While the hardware may be capable of running 3.0, I don't see it happening on either of these devices if the manufacturer doesn't support it. Sure, you may be able to load it on yourself - but at what cost / risk?
  12. Pitbull329

    Pitbull329 Member

    I agree! Which is why Im getting the Epic. No point in waiting until the next phones to get released, because when those do... there will be better phones coming out after those as well!
  13. facekl

    facekl Well-Known Member

    Yep. That's the never ending cycle of technological advancement for ya! Now if only battery technology could advance at this rate...
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  14. it.

    it. Well-Known Member

    lol. Seriously! My laptops processor is going to end up being slower than some of these new phones coming out :thinking: First they should make battery life longer and then you can start cranking up processing power.
  15. koolhand79

    koolhand79 Well-Known Member

    I say go for the Epic if you have to have a keyboard. Why wait? There will always be something better tempting you out there. No matter which phone you buy or who makes it, it will undoubtedly have issues that must be resolved over time.

    As far as 3.0, it seems just about all android phones that come out have a skin on top of Android, so by that logic none of them will get Gingerbread. I dont think you should worry about it, if you like the Epic go for it. If you like the Evo its a great phone as well, so youre in a no lose situation.
  16. Pitbull329

    Pitbull329 Member

    I thought gingerbread would require some minimum specs, of which these recent phones meet.
  17. koolhand79

    koolhand79 Well-Known Member

    Yea, according to the rumor mill these phones do meet the so called minimum specs. But nothing official from google has been released on these minimum specs.
  18. badankles

    badankles Android Expert

    yes, better devices are coming out, but now is the time to get an evo or epic, if you are in the market. my contract has been up for a few months, but at the time, none of the devices really showed a long term future. i like to keep my phone a little longer than a year, maybe two.

    i've waited, watched and researched. android is still new(er), but have matured quite nicely with froyo 2.2. the hardware on these phone will also allow for future upgrade to 3.0 gingerbread. by then, unless your hardware gives out, you can be happy with the device for quite a while.

    of course, if you want to wait, then you will definitely see something better. isn't that always?
  19. cbanks

    cbanks Newbie

    The next version of Android, Gingerbread, isn't a major upgrade and likely will be dubbed 2.3. It appears to be a UI upgrade to take away the need for all the custom interfaces like TouchWiz. I dont' see this as a reason to wait.

    I haven't heard of 2 GHz processors but 1.5 GHz ones should be out by the end of the year. However, it's not like the current 1 GHz ones are over-taxed.

    At the risk of getting flamed, I will point out, if you don't want to support Google, Microsoft should have Windows Phone 7s out by Black Friday. I don't know much about the phones but I was on HTC's web site and they said they plan a WP7 phone based upon the EVO's platform.
  20. kingme23

    kingme23 Newbie

    LOL..Microsoft isn't an empire? Plus android = win.

    Like other people said it would be wise to just get a phone now...waiting is pointless because regardless of how long you wait as soon as you get a phone, a "better" one will come out shortly after. Plus you hear all this stuff about 2Ghz phones coming out and stuff, but honestly is that really necessary? 2Ghz will do nothing more than eat more battery.

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