Why/How are apps automatically coming on?!


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I use Advanced Task Manager because I love the one-click closes all feature.

My problem: Why are there so many apps opened/running in the background when I haven't even touched my phone?

Is there a way to stop them from running until I use them?

Apps like Sprint Nav automatically runs. I haven't touched it in days, the GPS is off. This is just an example.



Same problem here. I had loopt and unisntalled it, thinking it would keep sprint nav off, but no dice. My voice mail, IM, Gmail app (which I don't use, I use HTC mail client), and a few others also start randomly. Since the firmware update, the phone is faster, but it's still slower than my friend's Hero. I'm seriously considering a 30 day swap for another phone, but I sunk $30 into a Zagg invisible shield and I'm afraid of what I might miss with Android 2.0.


sort of the same problem here. The stock Messages app opens up once in a while - seemingly, all on it's own. I setup ChompSMS weeks ago, yet the Messages keeps rearing it's ugly head.