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Why I haven't been around here in several days

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MikeRL, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. MikeRL

    MikeRL Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Somehow, I managed to get bronchitis. It sucks. Besides just sucking, it also managed to drain my energy away. I took antibiotics and I am no longer sick all that bad, but I feel pretty weak from the virus. Weak enough that with next semester starting in two weeks or so, being tech support has been last on my mind. I should be back in action next week at the latest. And my repaired desktop arrived (but once again Windows 8 is giving me activation headaches) so I am unfortunately preoccupied. Luckily just as I am crashing help has arrived. So there shouldn't be any support delays around here. :)

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  2. bob-st

    bob-st Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for your efforts. They are appreciated.
  3. MikeRL

    MikeRL Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks guys. I'm not dying, here. I just want everyone to know it may be a day or two until work resumes on the FAQ. I am not that sick anymore, just tired. I'm just a little ticked considering I got a flu shot and still got bronchitis. I just am giving an explanation. I just don't drop off the forums for several days without warning or explanation. I could have it fifty times worse. All I know is a lot of mess is spreading around America now, and this is a very bad flu season. As long as I'm not killed by a sickness, it's not enough to be more than a temporary annoyance. I get off topic sometimes, but just hang in there for several days without me.
  4. anonymous420

    anonymous420 Well-Known Member

    yeah don't you hate it when that happens ....but I wouldn't know lol anyways seems there a lot of temp ones but just gotta look hard enough and find a good one if you NEED HELP with that PM me seems like the shell script based ones are the best
  5. activeservo

    activeservo Member

    I had the same problem with windows 8. If you change the CPU or motherboard it considers it different hardware and won't activate.
  6. p3nnst8r

    p3nnst8r Lurker

  7. This totally needs to be Stickied!! :p;)
  8. MikeRL

    MikeRL Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Windows 8 honestly has done this once before and since I'm sick it's giving me massive headaches. Glad I primarily use Linux. No headaches there! I hate it that the world essentially forces me to use Windows and Office. I really am starting to hate every other Windows release. XP and 7 were decent. But 8 is starting to feel like Vista 2.0. Enhanced DRM, and Windows Genuine Disadvantage, new system failure screens , and a useless new interface. I will just keep using Linux until I feel like gaming again or am forced to by the school. :banghead: It also gave me two BSODs on a different computer recently. If Windows 8 were a person, I'm sure he would have been killed by angry users months ago for suspicions of being the Antichrist. The devil was Vista. ME was his evil previous form.
  9. buzzcon

    buzzcon Android Enthusiast

    FYI, you never get rid of bronchitis once you get it, it just goes dormant after a course of antibiotics. It can easily reappear if your immune system gets weak. I suggest once a day 5000 IU (International Units)of vitamin D3. I am on 15,000 IU and it's doing me wonders.

    Vitamin D3 is Vitamin D after the sun converts it into the form your body needs. A large portion of the population is Vitamin D deficient. More info...
    Vitamin D Council > Information on Vitamin D, Vitamin D Deficiency and Vitamin D Toxicity
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  10. ben1122a

    ben1122a Well-Known Member

    I must have wandered into the wrong form. I thought this was the Motorola triumph root forum, but it appears to be a Microsoft troubleshooting and medicine forum.

  11. MikeRL

    MikeRL Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    LOL I am better now, but the medicine I regularly take advises against going into direct sunlight for extended periods of time. That and there's no homemade food around the house. Now that I'm better (at least not tired and weak to the point I don't want to sit by the computer) I can handle support and the FAQ again. By the way, I am getting some assistance with formatting that FAQ right now, I did however tell Tony to go away until I got better. Better email him so work can continue. I also drank 4-5 bottles of Orange Juice when I was sick. That might have helped somewhat. Anyhow, back to work! And yes, Windows 8 isn't that bad, but WGA really gets on my nerves (I have genuine Windows 8 licenses, yet I had the same issue on the laptop). I get "unknown facility error" gibberish when activating the Media Center Addon, Windows 8 activates without issue, and MS tech support didn't even understand the error. A testament to Windows 8 usability. :) Hopefully Windows Blue will patch some of these issues up this summer. Work will resume whenever I can get Tony back on the bandwagon. Work will resume ASAP.
  12. buzzcon

    buzzcon Android Enthusiast

    I apologize for sounding like an infomercial, just trying to help :)

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