Why I like the LG v10 over the Samsung S7 Edge


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Why I like the LG v10 over the Samsung S7 Edge

I own both phones, first the S7 Edge for 10 months when it first came out, then when due to being VERY slippery in the hand, constant fear of dropping it, (actually I did drop it 3 times but was lucky it was heavy carpet I dropped it on) and typing problems, I've had the LG V10 for past six months.
I think I have more experience with these two phones than most people have, not the writers that just do a quickie review and probably paid to write a favorable review.

I have nothing against Samsung, previously having owned the Blackjack II, S3, S4 and S5, Note 5 and the past year the S7 Edge. The glass back was a fingerprint/smudge magnet and you could see the Samsung logo through the paint, it was just unattractive. Not to mention that glass shatters easily - why buy such a beautiful phone to put it in a case? I don't understand that mentality. The rails on the V10 are strong STEEL. The phone has been built to withstand a few drops. It feels nice and durable, NOT fragile. And the V10 has a look all its own and it's extra screen is functional and useful. Can't say the same about the S7 Edge's screen, wrap around screen is just a gimmick, a bit like the LG Flex was.

Three big issues for me with the S7 Edge.
1. Very Slippery in the hand. Extremely afraid of dropping it.
V10 is rugged and not slippery and can take falls. I don't think twice about dropping it. I haven't yet as it is not slippery to hold.
2. Typing of any kind is terrible with the S7 Edge wrap around screen. Constantly putting letters and symbols other than what I want when typing text or email while holding it. Only way to get around that is you HAVE to get a case, then it looks like any other phone out there.
3. Also you lose real estate size with the wrap around screen. You really do.

I'm a photographer by trade and the LG V10 has the better camera phone. Samsung is close though as I was happy with the pics it took.

There is a lot of things I like about the LG v10 over the S7 Edge. Some mentioned above.
Only real gripe about the v10 is the battery life, but it has a removable battery and the Edge does not, so the v10 wins again. Battery life of a phone when it is new means very little if the battery is sealed. All batteries loose their charge life as it ages. 12 to 18 months the battery will be significantly shorter life that is was when it was new. This deterioration is accelerated with quick charging. The v10 can pop in a new battery and be just as good as new in 15 seconds. To me this is what defines a phone as 'premium', the ability to maintain its usefulness over time.

Another plus for the v10 is it comes with 64GB memory whereas the S7 Edge only comes with 32GB.

I didn't realize what I was missing until I owned the LG V10.
If you want a phone that feels like a small phone and all shiny, the S7 Edge is for you.
The LG V10 feels like what a phablet should feel and look like.


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The only thing that Samsung curved screen tech had that attarcted me was having an alarm clock that you could see while laid on its side and charging.

Glass is pretty but like you implied very fragile.
Honestly though I'm a case guy so that's not an issue with me.