Why is coffee now on aisle 2...next to motor oil?


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So why the change/reorg to all of the "off topic" forums? Was there something that was actually broken, or was this simply like the (marketing) idea behind rearranging things in a grocery store to make people walk around looking for their basics and maybe buy a few things that catch their eye?

It's really painful to try and navigate now. Seriously, unless I want to spend a bunch of time creating favorites, I simply search for the thread/forum titles I can remember. Painful.

My usage of AF is really about relaxing and having fun. These latest changes (which seem to be solely for the sake of change) have instead made it a waste of time that adds to my frustration, which is about 179 degrees away from why I visit.


Just so we're clear, I also fully appreciate that the entire reason this forum exists is to meet my expectations in the way I want to use it. ;) :p :D

We are all the same way. There is something disturbing when you wake up one day to find there are no longer belt loops on your pants. After looking for a while you find that they are now positioned inside your pants down by your socks. :)


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It's the times we live in. Every day we wake up to see what crazy-assed thing our leaders have done. It's leaking into the rest of our lives as well.

Tomorrow expect to see an elk performing surgery and a law prohibiting them from doing it it Texas.