Aug 4, 2010
I have now been using the samsung galaxy for a week now and there is only one factor that is letting down the phone for me and thats the lagging. I have no complaints about the camera even though its without the flash, the internet speed is top notch and the innovative swype makes life so much easier. However what irritates me is the time it takes to access an app or returning to the home page. It must take 30 seconds or more before the screen is loaded which is annoying when you want to do something in a hurry. This also occurs when someone is ringing me and I'm trying to answer, the phone freezes for 10 seconds. I,ve only downloaded around 10 apps so surely that cannot be the problem. I've got a week left before I have to come to a decision whether or not to keep the phone or return it back to vodafone and would like some advice or reassurance about this problem. Also out of interest I would like to know if anyone has encountered the same problem on the iphone 4. The one area in which the galaxy beats the iphone 4 is the price considering what you get with both however it may be worth it to use a phone that dosent lag.
Lag is a widely reported issue with the galaxy right now... kinda sucks. BUT seemingly it should improve greatly after the firmware / froyo updates in the next month or two. (People have experimented with leaked/unofficial firmware versions, which sort the problem. There's also a lag-fix kicking about or something. Personally I think i'll just wait for the official updates :p but hopefully it should be fixed before long)
ive had the same problem, but when i installed Launcher Pro it helped a bit.. Hopefully froyo should completely sort the problem
Thankyou for the help, I feel much more reassured. I tried the launch pro but it failed to impress me so I will wait for the updates to see if the problem is fixed. Its such a shame as the lagging is making me forget everything else which I have fallen in love with about the phone. I find it really frustrating the time it takes to load an app and return to the home page as they are daily tasks. I also find it hard to believe that's its not just a malfunction on my particular phone but its a mass production that samsung have put or on the market.
30s seems a bit too much. I've had the occasional lags but they are more like 3-5s. Never had anything close to 30s. However I noticed that phone is generally slow when downloading data. Do you have any apps in background that downloads data at very short intervals?
No...all my apps are fully downloaded. I did however switch my phone off all together and now its working as fast as anything. I just hope its not for a short period of time.
No...all my apps are fully downloaded. I did however switch my phone off all together and now its working as fast as anything. I just hope its not for a short period of time.

I am referring to apps that may be downloading or syncing data in the background. Things like email, weather, feeds, facebook, twitter etc
I never had such long lagging problems on my side, but it seems that for some people, a factory data reset helped.

Settings - Privacy - Factory data reset
NOTE: it does erase all data on your phone, and I cannot guarantee that it will help. But it did for some GS users who had some lagging issues.
You can backup your SMS before going through this if you want to keep them.
Also, install Advanced Task Killer, and kill some apps. It becomes fast again

I know you shouldnt have too need to kill apps in android. And i'm one of those guys who kept instantly linking to articles showing how you're not suppose to use a taskiller.
But in this case, (untill samsung gets a fix) i can say for sure, it gets faster if you use a taskiller.
I am very curious about this lagging problem lots of galaxy owners are reporting. I've had mine for a week now, so far no issues, phone is very responsive and applications load up quickly. Sometimes when I swipe right or left on a contact to call or text, it takes maybe a second or two to initiate the call or start the messaging app, but thats the only place I notice any lag , which for me is not a big deal (since I'm used to far worse laggy UIs, coming from Symbian ;)) .

So my question is, does this lagging issue starts after a while, or is it noticeable from day one ?

I only have very few background services like Gmail, Gtalk, 3G watchdog (a 3G data usage monitor) and NoLED (a missed call and text indicator for standby mode). I have 20+ other apps installed, but none of them are running in the background. Coz I hate having lots of backgroud apps, always close an app after done using, and double check from the task manager (especially if its an internet related app). Old habits from my symbian days :p

P.S : JG4 (Unrooted) with Touchwiz.
I had the same problem although only 2-3sec lag, I found that switching off the phone, not a factory reset, cured it for about two weeks then it started again. I now make a point of swotching off my phone once a week, and my lag problems have gone away. Doing this also seems to improve the battery life.
Every phone has it's issues.

With my Desire it was the screen in daylight and the poor audio quality/poor keyboard quality.
My iPhone 4 is great in so many ways, but if I get a voicemail alert without the phone ringing once more I'm going to throw it against the wall.
It sounds as though the Galaxy s has issues too. I have no doubt they are all fixable with firm/software updates - but my concern would be Sammy's track record in this dept SUCKS!
good morning,

I have same problem and it is already a 2.2 android on the SGS GT I9000. I see the email exchange here is from August, like almost 4 months ago - I realy would like to know if no more posts because the issue resolved ????
Very little lag here. Official ROM JPA. In retrospect, while not that totally lag free, it's acting much more like a normal Android phone with a 1Ghz processor. So far the phone flies through everything I throw at it. I am much happier about this phone now.

After spending a while on the Galaxy Tab though, the Tab gives the impression that all other Android phones are lagging or slow including the Galaxy S. Using the Tab adjust your sense of "normal" to a faster rate.
So far I have not detected any, even as I load more and more apps to it. Its so freaking fast the Froyo Galaxy S feels slow next to it.