Why is there no HTC M7 forum yet??


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Seems like a sure enough thing to have a forum started for it??


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I'm a bit doubtful that M7 is going to be the real name - it doesn't really fit with HTC's past phone names.

We're only a few days away from CES though, so it will be confirmed then and we'll get the forum up.


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Not sure if it'll be announced during CES, but Qualcomm's big keynote is tonight (6:30EST, not idea what that is over the pond, Xyro). Could be talked about then.


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Suppose M7 won't be it's real, final, name, so, might as well wait till we know what the real name will be and use that as the forum name. But, there's so much chatter going on about it....


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Its impossible to keep up with every rumored phone and the speculation on it. It would literally have to be someone's full time job if we made a new forum for each rumored device and then deleted ones that didn't come to fruition.

For that reason, it makes sense to wait for more concrete details before moving forward.


Hi, I'm new to this forum as I am about to make the switch from my iPhone4 to android, specifically HTC. I read about the M7 over here in Singapore and hope to find out more about this new HTC M7. I am also keen in the J Butterfly/Butterfly, but think 4.3inch is a more pocketable phone. Cheers.