Why is twospirits an admin?

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The reason I ask is because, look at this thread.


This is the first post I have ever seen by this member and he is a real dickhead. I am not calling him a dickhead for his grammatical errors or whatever. I do not care about that, I understand that the argument can be made that on the internet you just want to get your idea across and some people feel they do not need to use proper grammar, that is fine. Once again I do not care.

Since the thread was locked I could not defend myself. So this is where I will do so, twospirits. Yes I know what the word ban means, I had to re-read your post a couple times, you "need" to work on your thought process when writing. Obviously you've never made it past English 101. Not saying this because of grammatical errors, once again, that is whatever. The way you actually think is what is the issue. The word gay was not used in any kind of insultive manner. Gay = bullshit. Bullshit = ******ed. ******ed = unnecessary. The word was taken out of context. On your part. You pretty much of person who would be one to blow themselves up due to a misinterpretation of a religious book.

Having said that, the whole me having 3 points for some kind of offence should be uplifted. The idea that you give me 3 points, then follow that with a warning really just shows your lack of intelligence. I hope you fix your mistake.

Thank you,


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Okay, normally this sort of thing would be handled in the form of a PM report. However, you decided to make this post publicly, so I will do the same.

It's very clearly denoted that twospirits is a Moderator and not an Administrator. Looks like someone never pasted Reading 101... :rolleyes:

A Moderator's decision is forever and always final and I will not tolerate disrespectful behavior towards any of the members here, especially towards a fellow staff member. twospirits already had to give you a formal warning today and I personally had to delete two of your posts today. Enough is enough!

I am so very happy that you with the word Ban. That makes things a whole lot easier...

I hope you enjoy your 7 day ban!!!

Please consider this your final warning of any kind. When you are welcomed back from your little vacation, I expect a major attitude adjustment from you. Should I or any other Moderator feel that this generous punishment was ignored, we will not hesitate to permanently ban you.

Upon your return, please throughly read through the Site Rules and Guidelines as well as Zero Tolerance Policy. The links to both of those can be found in my signature.
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