Root Why no root for Galaxy Alpha AT&T variant?

Raheem Khan

Hi, it has been a year i'm using my galaxy alpha. It works flawless, the phone memory is almost full yet no problem except some excessive and useless custom apps from AT&T which I want to remove.

The only way to remove those apps is to root and unfortunately, I found no working method to root my Galaxy Alpha. Very disappointing.

Can anyone let me know why the devs are not interested in rooting Alpha?



Android Expert
The pre installed apps(bloat) are installed on the system partition so even if you were able to root and uninstall them you would not gain anything in the user data partition.
There is a paid app at the Play Store called Package Disabler Pro that is designed to disable apps that doesn't give you the option in the App manager and doesn't require root. Maybe worth taking a look.