Root why should i root my vibrant

i have had my vibrant for almost 6 months and am fairly happy with it, but was wondering if rooting it would make me EXTREMELY happy with it. i see that the majority of people here have rooted devices, so i would love some info about the pros (and cons, if there are any) to "voiding my warranty". thanks so much!


The only thing that rooting your phone really does is give you superuser access to your phone. The real joy comes with what you can do afterwards.
I have since intalled new ROMs, Voodoo lagfix, and overclocked my phone as well applied totally new themes to change its look and feel. After the initial root you doors are open to true customization of your device. Voodoo clears upi the lag and speeds up your phone ROMs change the entire operating system and there is so much more that you can do! I have noticed such extreme changes that I will never go back to Samsung stock again.
That being said, proceed with caution as you have voided your warranty and you are ultimatly responsible if something goes wrong. I would advise you to learn all you can and then decide what works best for you from there.