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Why tablets?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rangers28, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. rangers28

    rangers28 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Maybe it's just me, but I really don't understand the world's new love affair with tablets. :thinking: Is it just because Apple convinced the world that we need one instead of a laptop or netbook?

    I have an HP netbook with a 13" screen. It's light as hell, really portable, and does everything my old laptop and desktop can do (except no disc drive). It's got over 100gb of storage, boots up quickly, has a webcam, Windows operating system, full web browser, various inputs/outputs, SD card storage, wifi....blah, blah, blah...

    Why would I want a tablet with just a 7" or 10" screen, NO keyboard, limited internal memory, and can only run apps and a browser that's not a full browser that lets me see all websites and videos????

    Now, maybe if you don't have an Android/Apple phone, this might appeal to you for a quick access device, but I really don't get it otherwise.

    I thought I saw an article once about a netbook, maybe Asus or Acer? That dual booted to Android and Windows....why aren't these being advertised? I would jump on one of those in a second!!! Are these in existence? If so, does anyone have any experience with them?

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  2. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time...

    Speaking for myself I see tablets as a viable product. While it's currently true that they have limited resources they are also typically much easier to transport and use (no need to open up the device and set it down somewhere to type on the keyboard).

    One of the major things I dislike about the current crop of netbooks is that awful little ATOM processor. For many of the current crop of netbooks it's simply too slow. On the plus side, however, I'm happy that the industry is finally starting to get away from ATOM processors and Windows XP.
  3. mindwave

    mindwave Well-Known Member

    I think if you have a VERY specific use for them yhey can be a GREAT boon, I too own a netbook.

    I like my netbook SO much that I sold my full size laptop and JUST use the netbook.

    the tablet, for me, is replacing my old Palm LifeDrive.

    Scheduling, contacts,email,internet (light)and SOME audio video

    but thjats it. its NOT a heavy duty ANYTHING

    for many people in the next 4 months it will be a fad. something they will spend seberal hundred $ on, thinking that it will replace their laptop or desktiop (I heard one woman the other day wanting to buy the walgreens tab so her daughter could use it to take notes in class, biy are THEY both in for a surprise!)

    after that you will get the REALISTIC users who have let the dust and the prices setlle down.

    I just saw an Augen GT78 at a major retailer for $75 HIGHER than kmart

    come ON PEOPLE!
  4. johnnewhouse

    johnnewhouse Member

    there are many reasons why i have wanted a tablet since long below Apple made them popular.

    i'm busy at the moment, so here is just one.

    how long does it take you to bootup an average laptop?
    for my vista boot, its over 1min 30 seconds.
    when i boot into ubuntu, its faster, but still takes about 30 seconds before i can get to a web browser.

    put that against a current smartphone, its almost always a turned on device, and you can be browsing after a couple of seconds.

    i use my laptop most of the time for basic internet browsing, this is a big selling point for me. i like to be able to decide i want to check something out online, and then be looking at it within 10 seconds. as these tablets are effectively just big smartphones, then they will be perfect for me.

    plus i very rarely use a keyboard, so wont miss that at all.
  5. mrspeedmaster

    mrspeedmaster Android Expert

    Well, I often questioned why I have a tablet (apple iPad). I just came back from a 3 week vacation. I brought with me: a laptop, Galaxy S Phone (unlocked and used on my vacation) and an iPad.

    The iPad was used every day.

    Everything else was in the suitcase. The Galaxy S phone didn't have the apps I needed. With the Ipad,I was able to download offline GPS maps, Lonely planet travel books, Anthony Bourdain & Samantha Brown TV Shows. I bought a $7 3G SIM card for the iPad and my son used it to surf youtube and play tons of children games while we were abroad. We travel without any planning so it was nice to download e-books and maps that fit in a daypack. On a crowded ferry boat or bus, the iPad is a lot easier to whip out on moment. I used the GPS to track our hotel, etc... Remember, I was traveling in 3rd world countries.

    My laptop doesn't have a 3G card. The laptop was brought along only to transfer photos which I could have easily left at home. My Galaxy Phone had problems with the APN network. All in all, it was a bit fussy. The iPad fit inside my daypack and was light as I travelled by bus, ferry boat, airplane. It never missed a beat.

    On another 4 week vacation, I brought a netbook. Similar type trip (Jungle/Safari) but the tablet was used probably 20x more than the netbook.

    I was actually surprised to see the number of iPads in the wild thru various airports, hotels, shuttles. My own observations seems to reflect those astronomical sales records reported.
    Also, when I was traveling, I'd have limited power. I was always charging my camera or my cell phone. The iPad could go 3-4 days without charging.

    So, in my own experience, I am definitely a tablet user.
    I all boils down to the convenience factor and usability. I was able to use my Tablet on a 17 hour flight and the instant on, long battery sold me on the idea that my initial investment was well worth it.

    I'd love a 7" tablet.
  6. Karuk

    Karuk Android Enthusiast

    xbox is for more advanced games
    computer is for more advanced work
    tablet is for casual entertainment, casual games, email, basic web browsing.

    I will be using the archos 101 with my kids. Educational apps are much more interactive on a touch screen device. Media viewing on the go. Interactive e-books.
  7. Years ago I had one of the early HP PDA's and really loved it. But it gradually grew outdated and it's place was taken by a laptop. I use my laptop for basic work stuff and some fun. But it's really not all that portable.

    My Nexus One is an awesome phone with its own hotspot, but the screen is a little small to read and really surf the web well. I also have an Archos 5IT that's just the right size. It fits in my pocket and I can use it for reading, surfing, etc. But it has outdated software and I wanted something snappier.

    So I went a little nuts today and bought a Dell Streak. It has 1.6 on it now, but can be rooted and updated to 2.1. There is also a fix to play flash videos on it once it's been rooted and updated. With its 5 inch form factor I'll have a tablet, albeit a small one that I can take everywhere, especially on trips, and leave the laptop at home.

    Now this is not saying I'll keep the Streak. I'll probably be able to hold off on another tablet until Spring and then grab a Galaxy Tab when the prices (hopefully) go down.
  8. rangers28

    rangers28 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks everyone, all these real-world responses from hands on users is really helpful! It makes me understand how useable these tablets really can be. Much more helpful than just sitting through some videos with a reviewer simply showing the tablet utilizing random apps. It definitely gives me a better perspective on my tablet vs. netbook view!! I'm sure I'll be giving a tablet a little test drive in the near future!!
  9. FrayAdjacent

    FrayAdjacent Android Enthusiast

    Tablets as they are today are a culmination of the technologies that were needed to make them viable - Touch screens, interfaces made for touchscreens, compact electronics and powerful batteries.

    Tablets have been tried before, but they were using laptop tech. Heck, they practically WERE laptops with the screen turned around. Big, heavy, thick, slow with clunky interfaces that required using a stylus. A good idea, but lacking in refinement.

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