Why the EVO V rules them all...


... maybe not ALL, but here's a neat story.

Last weekend was my first fathers day and I got a little excited taking my daughter swimming. So excited, I jumped in the pool with her and with my phone in my pocket. (My fiance was supposed to get in with her so I could take pictures, the water was too cold for her, yadda yadda, I'm a new dad, don't make fun.) The phone was only submerged for about 60 seconds max, so I pulled the battery, sd card and put it all in one of those water-damage bags from wal-mart. It said it could take 48 hours or more. I waited four days and it still didn't work. When I'd press the power button, I'd get a buzzing noise. I assumed I fried the phone.

I went to get a new phone and little did I know, the S3 had come out for VM. I went ahead and got it. 400 bones is a lot for me right now and I really, really liked my Evo V. I had g60's CM rom on it, it was a beautiful thing.

I've been having problems getting 4g at home, but right down the street, it blazes at around 25Mbs down! But i'm lucky to get .5 Mbs down at home, so I've been dealing with VM about that problem. They keep giving me the runaround about some towers being upgraded. Everytime they tell me it'll be fixed two days later at, and I quote, "6:59 pm central" on that day. I'm tempted to drop VM and go to AT&T, in which my family can get a 25% discount. So, it's about even with VM, except for that whole contract thing.

So I was on hold with them yet again last night and I started messing with the Evo V that had still been in that bag, now for almost two weeks. AND IT WORKS!!! So now, I'm starting to like the S3 (TouchWiz blows, though) but I'm thinking about taking it back to get my money back and re-purchasing it a few months down the road when a solid CM rom is ready for it, and when the price goes down. Thanks for reading and long live the V!